Thursday, June 2, 2011

Deliciously Delicious Cupcake

For Memorial Day, I made these:
In case you were wondering, they're basically the most joyous little cakes ever. I filled them with strawberry mash and I have been eating at least 2 per day without fail since Monday. Tuesday I ate four. I will miss them when they're gone (we have one left), but I will be glad to have a break from temptation for a while.

I'm placing a mark. order today. Anyone want me to order something?
FYI, sales is so discouraging sometimes. I mean really, praise Jeebus that I have a full time job to pay the bills.


  1. Those cuppycakes are so pretty! What kind of tip did you use for the icing?

    And I agree, sales would be frustrating. I couldn't do it. Too much pressure and too little consistency.

  2. I think the tip is an 18 star tip. I need to use a bigger one next time though. :)