Friday, September 19, 2014

Pregnancy is Uncomfortable.

What I'm doing here I call my "belly stretch". I do it whenever my insides feel especially squished and I just stick my belly out as far as I can. It feels great, but usually as soon as I relax, I'm right back to feeling squished again.  Also, Panda Bear cracks me up in this picture. 

There. I said it. Pregnancy is uncomfortable.

Don't get me wrong. I am so so so happy and feel so very blessed to be able to grow this little human and bring him into the world, but I don't think there's a rule anywhere that says I have to be happy when my back hurts and my clothes don't fit.

Since I have just gotten into my third trimester, I wanted to take a few minutes and talk about some of the pregnancy symptoms that I've personally experienced thus far and how I'm dealing with them.

Sciatic Pain - Especially on my right side, since about the halfway point, I've been dealing with some sciatic pain. I've considered myself fortunate lately because I have the knowledge and understanding of how the muscles and bones work to optimally stretch it out. One of the key ways I've been able to work out my low back is literally curling myself into a ball and using the floor to hit points. If you have the stability and need to focus on one side more than the other, you can actually just hang out in a ball, letting only that part of your back hit the floor. My mat provided a really nice firm, but not hard/painful surface for me to work into my low back. I also found that by getting into a supported back bend like bridge pose with a block under my sacrum helps take some of the compression out of the low back and, if you're feeling stable, you can play with weight distribution.
The biggest thing for me, personally, has been working on engaging my glutes when I do lunges - not letting myself sink into the hip/pelvis. Even though it can feel better on the front of the hip to stretch it out, it puts all the extra pressure on the low back, so simply by keeping my glutes and pelvis engaged, I'm helping my low back.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 37

I moved this post to Thursday this week to accommodate my annual anniversary post. ;)

Wednesday I took the Fit Ballet Body class my friend Chelsea teaches. I told her before class I was majorly lagging and super low energy. I did end up taking a few little breaks during class, working out some soreness, joint discomfort, etc, but I was able to do almost everything. Hooray!

Thursday night I made it to Power Yoga. It was one of my best preggo practices since before I really felt pregnant. It's been a while since I felt that strong. The woman next to me even commented at the end that I was doing amazing. I was doing all the pushups, side arm balances, handstands. I took a little break at one point, but mostly I was sticking with it through the vinyasas. It really felt awesome.

Friday night I had planned to take Bollywood with my sister, but when we went to sign up an hour before class, it had been cancelled. So, I stayed home while hubs went to the gym and did Dance Central Spotlight for 50 minutes.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

AG; Year Three

Three years ago today, we ... married.

Two years ago, we ...

Monday, September 15, 2014

Currently; September 2014

First piece of artwork for the baby's room. My dad brought it back from Tanzania.

Currently, I'm...

FOUR TO SCORE! Haha. My friend lent me her copies of some of the Stephanie Plum books aaaaages ago. I mean years. The last time I picked this one up, Panda was a puppy. She got ahold of it and tore the cover up. I have since taped it all back together, but its still kind of a fun reminder of my girl who chewed up everything. Anyway, I was looking for something fun to read and I remembered I still had my friend's copies of books 4-6 (having already read 1-3), so I decided to give them another go.
I also downloaded Happiest Baby on the Block and Bringing Up Bebe. Haven't touched those yet though.

We got through Hell on Wheels so fast! The season was kinda disappointing, actually. Felt like nothing happened.
My honey finally agreed to watch Parks & Rec from the beginning with me. He LOVES it. I knew he would, but sometimes people just need to find things on their own. We're in Season 3.

Listening to...
I've added Take Me to Church to my short list of songs I play on repeat.

Struggling with...
Energy. Especially right at this moment. Sleep is a lot harder than it used to be. Plus its been really warm at night still, so if we opt for windows open over AC, I usually don't sleep very well.

Inspired by...
This kid. He amazes me. I haven't even met him and I am in awe.

Workouts are...
Harder and harder every day, but I'm keeping at it. I'm going for more fun, less focus. There is no part of me that feels the need to crank out 30 pushups at any point in a workout. Last week I was so tired in yoga, he gave us the option to do one or two pushups between side planks. I did one pushup and a childspose. I barely made it to the side plank on the second side.
Dance workouts are good. I can regulate the intensity better without skipping moves. I like Dance Central Spotlight and taking Bollywood classes for this.

I'm not proud. Lots of carbs and lots of sugar. Hubs made cinnamon rolls last week. So. much. sugar.

I keep going back and looking at our registry. I want to make sure that it's things we'll actually need and people will want to buy, so I'm constantly tweaking it. I need to stop though and just let it be.

Picked up some extra subbing gigs at one of the local gyms. Classes at the studio have been slow lately. Not sure why.

I've been doing a lot of online shopping. Like, a lot - zulily, target, old navy, nordstrom, you name it. So, I just wanted to take a minute to share Ebates with you folks. Basically they pay you to shop online... which is the coolest ever. You should try it. They send you quarterly checks, or sometimes you can get your payment in an online gift card. Once I got mine in the form of an Amazon gift card. You just spend what you were gonna spend anyway and get a percentage of that back from ebates.
Anyway, I highly highly encourage you to check it out (and use my link ;) ), especially if you do a lot of online shopping like I do. They're not paying me, but I think I get some kind of credit if you sign up using my link. :)

What are you upto?

Friday, September 12, 2014

Yoga Baby; Week 28

Week 28

SEVEN MONTHS! 3rd trimester, yo! Sheesh, how fast this is all going! So exciting and completely terrifying!

Here's what's happening with me and the tiny one...

Cravings: Cake. I made a chocolate bundt cake after my last post, and for the entire following week I still wanted more cake.

Aversions: Not any one thing or things in particular. Sometimes I just have zero appetite for real healthy food. I'll think to myself how I'm not hungry and food sounds terrible, but 10 seconds later I'll be on the couch with a popsicle.

Energy:  Major energy drop these last two weeks. I crash hard in the afternoons. Sometimes my energy is never that good to begin with. I pretty much feel like I could sleep all day every day.

Missing: Mostly the above. Energy. I was talking to a fellow pregnant friend about what workouts we used to do pre-pregnancy, and it really got me missing my tough workouts. I miss being able to challenge myself. I miss being better at things. Ha. I know that sounds terrible, but I really miss feeling strong.