Friday, April 18, 2014

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 15

Wednesday (P90X Day 28) was kind of a weird day. It was supposed to be a rest day (according to P90X). I had a doctors appointment in the morning after I taught my class, and then had to go back to the lab to have a thousand (normal) tests run after work, so the extent of my exercise was teaching my class - which was good bit of exercise - lots of ab work, planks, and squats, so I feel good about it. It's just strange for me to have that be my only workout.

Thursday (P90X Day 29) was the first day of Phase 2, which introduces new workouts. When I got home from work and teaching, I started Chest, Shoulders & Triceps. It was haaaaard. My arms were so tired when I finished and I got a really great calorie burn considering I was mostly weight lifting.

Friday (P90X Day 30) was back to Plyometrics... womp womp. I remember this the first time around - getting bored with Plyo and wanting to go do something else! Le sigh. Oh well, I powered through it when I got home from work. I'm still not jumping very high and I'm stepping through for a lot of the moves, but that will happen when you do modified everything for 2 weeks. Can't just jump back in at full speed.

Saturday (P90X Day 31) I had to go to work, so I got up around 9 and did Back & Biceps while hubs went to the gym. I forgot how hard that workout is. It's a super low calorie burn compared to some of the other weight lifting workouts, but man, it is tough. So many curls.
I'm back to almost 100% doing Ab Ripper X. It felt so good to finally get some ab work in. Then the whole family piled into the car and headed out to the 'Bu so I could work for a couple hours. Then we went to the beach.

Sunday (P90X Day 32) I was able to go to my friend Chelsea's barre class. It's a tough class, but it's hard for me to make it work with my schedule, so I try to go whenever I can! After that, I was supposed to do yoga, but I just took Panda on a mini walk. I figured I got plenty of exercise earlier in the morning.

Monday (P90X Day 33) after a long day at work, I did yoga with my friend, Jenny, at her house. Then I went home and did P90X Legs & Back. It was late by the time I finished my workout, but I love the leg moves in Legs & Back, so it was woooorth it! It makes me feel strong.

Tuesday (P90X Day 34) was Kenpo X! It was also tax day, so I was super wiped out by the time I got home. I almost skipped my workout altogether, but decided to get up and do it. I'm glad that I did, but it really took a lot out of me.

How was your week?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Kitchen Adventures; Italian Cream Soda

Tomorrow is the big day. I got a sub for my class so I can stay at work as long as I need to efiling tax returns.
Due to the swampy nature of my schedule right now, today I didn't make you something shiny and new (to me). I made you one of my all time favorite warm weather refreshers.

This is not a "new recipe". This is just the first time I used a measuring spoon so I could tell other folks how they could do it too.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Currently; April 2014

It's Saturday, I know. Most of you won't see this until Monday, but it's the 12th, and the 12th is when I post these currently thingys.

3 more days until I can breathe. As tax season comes to a close, I am more and more tired every day. I am so very much looking forward to my week off. Words fail me.
Teaching 4 classes a week on top of my 9-5 on to of P90X = one tired Alyssa

Currently, I'm...

I gave up on Lost at Sea. Since it's a book of short stories, I just couldn't get myself to get involved in the book as a whole. I finally picked up A Long Way Down, which is on my reading list for this year. I haven't gotten very far yet, but I'm enjoying it thus far.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 14

Wednesday (P90X Day 21) was technically a rest day and I did get to take it pretty easy. I just drove out to my friend's house after work for an hour of yoga. We did a little sampling - some core, some arms, some twists, and some deep stretching. It was perfect.

Thursday (P90X Day 22) was another early day. I opted to skip the 5am wakeup and do P90X Chest & Back after work and teaching. I did almost the entire class while teaching, so I was able to get my heart rate up a bit and get a good stretch, so when I got home, was ready to start Chest & Back, realized that I had started week 4 of P90X, which is kind of a rest week (but not really), and I was supposed to do P90X Yoga, I decided 1) I had already done yoga and 2) I had not gotten quite the workout I wanted, so 3) I would only do half of the Chest & Back routine.

Friday (P90X Day 23) morning it was surprisingly easy to get out of bed at 6am. I actually had a moment when I thought to myself "why stay in bed and workout later if I'm awake enough now?". So I went downstairs and pressed play on some P90X Core Synergistics. I was actually a little concerned when I started this workout because I knew there was one move I was the plain not going to be able to do, and then a few others I knew I would have a hard time with. Dreya rolls, were a big fat no go. I couldn't put all my weight on my lower back at any point, so rolling up and down from standing to flat on my back was just not going to fly. I also had a tough time with the transitions between superman and banana, and bow to boat. I could hold all four forms, but getting into and out of them was tough. Stupid bruised tail bone.

Saturday (P90X Day 24) I did Kenpo X in the morning before hubs and I went to the farmers market. I really noticed a big improvement in the tweakyness of my back - almost no issue and I could do jumping jacks and X jumps without any real issue. There was some minor stuff, but overall, it felt great.

Sunday (P90X Day 25) was stretch/rest day, so I taught early in the morning and did most of the class. I taught another class at noon and then we went to the park and I ran laps. It took 7 laps around that park to get in just over a mile. Needless to say, it was a mellow workout day, but since it was supposed to be a rest day, I don't feel like I should have done anything different.

Monday (P90X Day 26) I was supposed to get up early and do Core Synergistics, but I didn't sleep well the night before, so getting up early was no going to happen. I ended up practicing with the class for almost the full class at 8:15, and then later in the evening, I did the whole yoga routine with my friend, like I always do. I also made sure to work some extra core work in there since I knew it wasn't likely I would get my P90X workout in in an official capacity.

Tuesday (P90X Day 27) was scheduled to be Yoga X. I wasn't planning on doing it, but at the end of the day, it worked out in my schedule that I'd be home at a reasonable time and I thought why the heck not? I'd been doing P90X for a month and hadn't done Yoga X once. So, I did it. It was challenging for sure. I didn't remember there being so many pushups. Ha. Of course there are so many pushups. It was boring at times too. I had a couple of moments when I was ready to move on and they just stayed. Also, it is not simple and easy to get back from Warrior 2 to Warrior 1 - at least not if you're aligning your feet and hips as you go, so it's a little frustrating for me that he goes back through warrior 1 after ever little flow.

ANYWAY, that's it for this week. How was yours?

Monday, April 7, 2014

Yoga & Fitness Favorites

1. Zella Streamline Live-In Capri Leggings - They call these leggings "live in" and aptly so. I could actually live in them. I would wear them all the time. They have just the perfect amount of compression. They're so so flattering and soooooo comfortable. I have them in a million colors and lengths, and they go on sale all the time, so I am always stalking the Nordstrom website for when they do.

2. Nike Pro Racerback Compression Bra - I found this bra at Nordstrom rack in teal with grey polka dots, wore it once, and then went back to find it in more colors. Once my previous go-to sports bras (C9 from Target) started letting me down - so to speak - I needed a more supportive option. These bras stepped up to the plate, offering support without cutting into my back and sides making those ick rolls nobody likes.

3. Lululemon Run Times Tank - This was the top lululemon traded me to teach there a few weeks back. I love it oh-so-much, I am thinking about going and getting one in black too. As is the way with lulu, it's a little on the pricier side, but it's a really great top. It's simultaneously breathable and supportive - one of the few workout tops I don't need to wear a bra with. It's flattering and doesn't show when I'm sopping with sweat.

4. Yogitoes Yoga Towel - Yoga towels are amazing if you like taking classes that really heat up and you end up dripping sweat all over your mat. Yogitoes grip to your mat, so the towel's not sliding around all over the place. I only put out towels once I've worked up a sweat. I've found that if my hands and feet are dry, I will slip more with the towel than without.