Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hooray! Mark. Party!

It's an exciting week for me because this week commences my very first online mark. party! Woohoo!

It's being hosted by the lovely and talented Kim. We're giving away all kinds of free stuff through raffles and gifts with purchase. For serious, you should check it out here and get all the details. Then make sure to follow the links and register at my eboutique so you're entered to win free stuff! :)

Yay! I'm so excited!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Deliciously Delicious Cupcake

For Memorial Day, I made these:
In case you were wondering, they're basically the most joyous little cakes ever. I filled them with strawberry mash and I have been eating at least 2 per day without fail since Monday. Tuesday I ate four. I will miss them when they're gone (we have one left), but I will be glad to have a break from temptation for a while.

I'm placing a mark. order today. Anyone want me to order something?
FYI, sales is so discouraging sometimes. I mean really, praise Jeebus that I have a full time job to pay the bills.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fitness Goals

As of today, I have just over 3 and a half months before the wedding. For the past three months, I have been really good about working out right around 6 days a week. Sometimes I slipped to 5 and sometimes I powered through 7, but for the most part I've been keeping up with 6 days...until this past weekend, which was disastrous for my fitness and completely pulled me out of my rhythm.
Tim hurt his back last week. No big deal. He just needed to rest to get back to a place where he felt comfortable lifting large amounts of weight.
This should not really have any impact on my workout schedule, right? Not so. Tim and I usually work out at the same time. He goes to the gym and I go to the dining room (where I have all my weights lined up, yoga mats out and even a blanket for when I do ab work - because hardwood floors and tail-bones don't get along)
Tim ended up in the living room. Not so bad. I still have the dining room. Too bad there is no wall to separate the two rooms. My peewee laptop speakers cannot compete with the Black Ops explosions and NCAA football commentator. So, my motivation is gone. I have not done a P90X workout since last Thursday.
I did manage to make it to Cardio Barre on Sunday and did some kettle bell work and swam some laps on Monday, but yesterday I was back to depressedly (not a real word) eating cupcakes on the couch and rereading Harry Potter 7.
The cupcakes are delicious and I'm happy to refresh my HP7 memory - because I forgot damn near everything - but I feel like in 3 days I completely cancelled out all of the work I've put in over the last 3 months.

So, I'm starting over. For reals this time. I'm going to continue to go to Cardio Barre once or twice a week, but I am also going to actually follow the P90X schedule - not say to myself "I think I've been doing this about a month, I think I'll work in some new discs" - and I'm going to write down what I'm able to do this time so that I "know what to do" next time.

Today will be disc 1 - Core Synergistics

Maybe I'll even take some "before" pictures this time around. Ha!

EDIT 6:43pm: Nevermind. No living room workout for me tonight. Tim and his injured back have taken it over. :( P90X will have to wait until tomorrow morning. Tonight I'm off to Cardio Barre