I know it seems strange to see fitness and spirituality together, but in yoga, fitness and spirituality are very very closely linked. So, here is where I am keeping all of my posts pertaining to anything from a fitness accomplishment to a spiritual revelation.

They won't always be connected, but sometimes they are... and its awesome.

Weekly Yoga Recaps

Yoga Pose Breakdowns

From Power to Prenatal Yoga
Yoga & Fitness Favorites
Doga; Doggie Yoga
3 Fitness Tips for the New Year
Starting the Year with 108 Sun Salutations
How to Use a Foam Roller
I Ran a (third) 10K
108 Sun Salutations
I Ran a Half Marathon!
Run 100 Miles; Completed
Healthy Eating & Yoga
Run 100 Miles 2nd Progress Report
Building a Yoga Website
Yoga Life Update
Challenging New Classes
Collaborative Goals
100 Push-ups
I ran a(nother) 10K
Balance is My True Nature
Teacher Profile
On the Schedule
Run 100 Miles Progress Report
Getting Off the Couch
Almost Certified
Bhakti - Yoga of Devotion
YTT Update; Week 10
The Dharma Code
Rain is Smiling
Ego Yoga
Choosing a YTT Program
I ran a 10K
I won deluxe P90X
How P90X & P90X2 Helped Me

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