Monday, September 19, 2011


I have a most of today to relax before we set off on our honeymoon in the wee hours of tomorrow morning, but I just wanted to quickly share a few thoughts on the best weekend of my life.

I am so happy. It is the most wonderful thing to know that my best friend and person I love most in the world is mine forever - to look up and call him husband or to see that ring on his finger.

The weekend went by in a whirlwind, but everything was perfect. 
Our rehearsal dinner was so much fun. I'm sure the margaritas helped ;), but I never thought I would laugh so much. The restaurant set the perfect vibe, and the food and drinks were excellent.

The wedding itself was incredible. Everyone who was able to come out made it so special - all of our family and friends. I cannot believe how lucky we are so have such wonderful and loving people in our lives.

Everyone loved my dress and the flowers - though I doubt they would tell me otherwise. The band was a blast. Timmy danced with me on multiple occasions. I thought it would be a challenge to get him to stay on the dance floor with me, but he did so willingly - spinning me around and picking me up as we danced to songs I don't even remember.

I'm waiting impatiently to see everyone's pictures. :) Though I guess it will be easier to wait once I'm away from home and off on romantic adventures with my hubby. I am SO excited for this time with him to travel and relax, and just enjoy being around each other.

Hopefully I'll have some more pictures to share soon. For now, here's a little something my totally amazing big sister put together with the magic of instant pictures:

I am so happy to have had such an amazing wedding weekend, surrounded by all of the people I love, and so lucky to be married to my very best friend in the world.

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  1. I like your new blog design too. Now we just have to add Disqus and you'll be all set! :)

    I have a bajillion photos for you, and one very special extra gift to mail you (but I'll wait until you come back so it doesn't just sit out while you're honeymooning). Your wedding was super duper fun, and I'm so glad I got to be a part of it.

    Timmy was right, you are the best piece of salami.