Tuesday, February 28, 2012

There's Gold In Them There Piles

My wonderful husband (who is wonderful, emphasis on the wonderful) uses something called the 'pile system' to sort his clothes in our bedroom. He's done it this way as long as I've known him. Since everyone may not be familiar with this system, this is when clothes are basically everywhere except in closets and dressers, but the wearer 'knows' exactly what is in each pile and what is clean, etc.

He knows it drives me nuts, but neither of us have made getting rid of the piles a priority. This weekend I decided to change that. I pulled all the unused hangers out of his closet over the weekend and, one pile at a time, I've been taking them down - getting stuff sorted and put awaaaaay. 

Right now I'm two piles in and I'm so happy with the way the room is looking already. The top of our dresser is officially cleared of unpaired socks and wrinkled dress shirts. 
The other three piles ended up in our old laundry baskets - I refused to just throw them on the floor after carrying them up all the stairs in our very tall house (split level with a 'master suite' on the '3rd story') That was a feat in itself.

The best part has been discovering what is actually in the piles. Last night I pulled a few things out and said, "oh, I was wondering why I haven't seen you wear this in a while"

If I keep this up, the piles will be GONE before the weekend and I can maybe even show off a beautifully clean and pile free master bedroom. 

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