Sunday, August 19, 2012

Kitchen Adventures; Coconut Mango Fro-Yo

Monday I was playing around on twitter when this happened...

I think my brain exploded temporarily. All I could think about for the rest of the day was Coconut Mango Frozen Yogurt and making it as soon as I got home.

Of course the evening got away from me with exercise, movie watching, and amazing macaroni & cheese. I even went to the store after my workout and picked up all the ingredients I knew I didn't have; mango, coconut milk, coconut water.

Fro-yo was not meant to happen on Monday, but I had plans with a friend on Tuesday, so I thought we could try to make it together. :) Yay! turns out, I know nothing about ice cream makers or the fact that mine doesn't magically freeze itself - you have to store it in the freezer for a MINIMUM of 15 hours before you try and use it. So, I got home on Tuesday, read the instructions, and was sad.

To make up for not being able to make fro-yo for myself, I made fro-yo for my pup. Here's what you need: Blender, yogurt, peanut butter, banana, tiny plastic cups, and plastic wrap to cover the cups when you freeze them. Go!

Freezer was rearranged to make room for the ice cream maker and fro-yo plans were moved to Wednesday when I was having another girlfriend over (have to keep company around when hubby's gone) and I invited girlfriend #1 back over since she and I shared excitement over Tuesday night fro-yo that never happened.

I left the Kitchenaid mixer out. It's heavy and I didn't want to move it two extra times. ;)

I didn't follow the instructions from Food&Wine exactly. I'm bad about that, but I did take this lovely picture of some of the ingredients the way fancy food bloggers too.

I feel so fancy.

Mangos were chopped and pureed...

...and I might have eaten a few of pieces, but I only bought one mango. Note to self: buy more mangos

Sugar was mixed with coconut water and made into syrup while puree was mixed with NF greek yogurt, lemon juice, and coconut milk...

Coconut sugar syrup was cooled and mixed, then poured into the ice cream maker. The recipe doesn't call for an ice cream maker. I just wanted to use it because I thought it would be faster. And it was...

...but I'm not sure I'm a huge fan of my ice cream maker. This was the first time I used it. You have to freeze it for at least 15 hours and then you only have a half hour to make your ice cream. So, this was about 20 minutes into froyo making...

And then is it started to melt. I thought it would stay frozen longer, but I was wrong. I ended up having to transfer it to a bowl and put it in the freezer while we watched Bridget Jones's Diary. Then in the last 10 minutes we grabbed the froyo from the freezer. It was still pretty liquidy, but we sprinkled on some strawberries and toasted coconut. It tasted like magic.

I refroze the rest of the yogurt overnight and came back to make a prettier dessert on Thursday.

Ahhhhh, much better.


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