Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Yoga Baby; 4 Months

This kid! He's so big! Where have the last 4 and a half months gone? Babies from our mommy & me class are already turning 5 months!

Likes: Sticking everything into his mouth - from his toys to my braid. If he can reach it, he wants to eat it. I got a haircut yesterday to make it a little less easy for him to eat my hair. He even eats his tshirts when he can pull them up to his mouth.
He still loves being sung to. He's also become a bit of a thrill seeker. He loves when we pretend we're about to drop him. He loves when dad pretends he's a crane/baby fork lift. He loves doing yoga with me - especially boat and squats. He finds it refreshing and soothing when you blow in his face. He loves being talked to and he loves talking, and he likes when you touch his toes to his nose.

Dislikes: Sitting still. Unless he's asleep, he is always moving - arms, legs, all at once.
Still not a fan of naps, but we're getting there. Most times it just takes a pacifier to settle him down.

Sleeping? We had a rough few nights clustered around his 4 month bday. A few with frequent wake ups, a few refusals to go back to sleep - but we seem to have settled into a pretty good pattern without having to resort to sleep training yet. His bedtime has moved up to 9pm, occasionally going down as early as 845 - though thats only happened once or twice. He typically sleeps between 7 and 8 hrs and then goes back down for another 2 or 3.
We're struggling a little bit having him in our room still. He doesn't wake me often, but since we go to bed an hour or two after he does, sometimes the opening and closing of drawers, the sounds of people (and panda) walking around the room, teeth brushing - they wake him up.

Accomplishments:  He rolls from back to front now, He'll roll to his side for a while and then you'll look away and he'll just be chillin' there on his tummy. It's adorable. And he can sit without assistance, though usually only for a few seconds.

In other news:
We started solids this weekend! Right now we're only doing a few teaspoons of cereal in the evening, but we're slowly increasing the amount, and in the next few days we'll let him try some avocado or sweet potato.
We're introducing foods slowly and systematically per the pediatricians orders.

Stats as of his 4 month well check:
15 lbs 10 oz, and 25.5' tall

Size 2 disposables. Midrise snaps on his GroVia and BumGenius, Second S setting in his Charlie Bananas, and I have no idea what the setting is for Softbums because there are no markers.
We've had pretty good luck with the GroVia ONE for nighttime. He can *usually* stay in one diaper leak free for 10-12 hrs with one night feeding. We've also been able to avoid leaks by doubling GroVia boosters.

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