Monday, February 7, 2011

Lovely Living Room

On October 28th, 2010, we closed escrow on a totally awesome townhouse. It was actually more like "almost" totally awesome because while structurally it was in good shape, there were quite a few questionable design choices made by its' previous inhabitants. 

Like the navy blue accent walls, paired with the solid pine dining room floor, stained oak steps, and laminate living room floor:
Or the faux brick facade over the fireplace:
Our first project, though not so very exciting, was the master bathroom. You can't tell so much in the pictures (thus none are posted), but it was gross to the point that I refused to shower there. Every morning, I marched my freezing cold butt downstairs to the second bathroom, where the shower head did not look like it had grown from an alien organism. We bleached the heck out of that thing, re-caulked, applied new primer and paint to the walls, replaced all the fixtures - even added a hook for my robe (yay!) - and now I love that bathroom. The light yellow color we painted it makes it so much more cozy and inviting, the shower head does not remind me of aliens or algae, and I shower in there every time. :)

Our next project was the living room. It's kind of a giant room, so it turned into a pretty giant project.

New Years Eve Tim's parents came up to help us fix the walls. Tim ripped down the above faux brick facade and left some ugliness on the wall where it had once been. 

By the end of night one, all was patched and we said goodbye to the blue walls and hello to primer:

New Years Day we painted...and then the room sat like that for the next 3 weeks. Womp womp. There was drama with the carpet, so we had to order new from Home Depot instead of using the stuff we had in the garage.
Then, like magic - and by magic, I mean I pulled something in my shoulder and Tim pulled something in his back because we moved everything into the living room on our own - our living room was put together. The guys came to install the carpet and Tim and I took 2 days to bring all the furniture up from the garage and down from the dining room...and...


You don't even recognize it. :)

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  1. Love the before, during and after shots! Congrats on owning your first place and on doing such a nice (grown-up!) transformation. Adulthood, eh?