Monday, July 30, 2012

Kitchen Remodel; Part 3

The kitchen is done!!!! ...mostly

It's as good as done anyway. Look at some pictures of it and then I'll tell you what's not done. :)

What you see when you walk in. Tadaaaaa!
This baker's rack is a lifesaver. It's extra counter and storage space without eating into the kitchen. Also, its a place to keep the wine. ;)
Ah, the shiny appliances! Please also note that the wall behind the fridge is actually part of the pantry. It goes into infinity, but its not usable space since neither of us are Gumby. We decided to treat is as a wall and paint it blue to tie both sides of the kitchen together a little better
My lovely lovely drawer organizers and new flatwear. (The flatwear was actually a wedding gift, but I didn't want to put it in the drawers while they were still gross)

"Whaaaat?", you say? "This is incomplete?" you say?


*sad face*

Here's what's missing...

* A window covering - We bought blinds at Home Depot, but they are too long and we need to take about half of the slats out before we can hang it. I've asked my husband to do it before he leaves me for four days, so I can close the kitchen blinds while he's gone. (It annoys me that the neighbors can see straight into my kitchen all the time). He's just going to put them up at their current length and I MAAAAY attempt to remove the slats while he's gone.

* Pretty knobs and handles on the cabinets and drawers - We bought these too. They're in bags, waiting to be installed. They only haven't been because we've been busy. They were supposed to go up yesterday, but we ended up having a really busy day, so no knobs for me...yet.

* Switch plates - We have these too... and a couple of them are even up...but the extra half inch of wall made putting them up a slightly more complicated task than we anticipated. I think we ran out of bolts of some kind? I don't know. Ask my husband. He was doing it. *shrug*

And then we're done... Done done, like, for realsies.

And now to close, here is a picture of our dog, Panda, helping me put everything away in the kitchen.

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