Friday, December 6, 2013

Just for Fun; Family Photos

Hubs and I were apart on Thanksgiving this year. I would normally enlist a family member to snap a few quick shots of us with the pup outside before dinner, but this year since we were in two different places, that was not an option.

So, the weekend before, we popped over to the park in my parents' neighborhood - mostly so Panda could get in some good running around time, but also so I could sneak in some pictures of us for holiday cards.

I propped my phone up on a park bench, set Fast Camera (who are not paying me, by the way, I am just obsessed with this app) to take 60 pictures a minute on high res, messed around with some filters in other fun apps, and...

I think they came out pretty great. I'm always worried about these kinds of things, but we even got Panda to look at the camera...

... by placing her beloved tennis ball right next to it and not letting her get up to get it.

Here is my favorite unedited shot of us trying to get Panda to sit and smile for the camera. I kind of love it.

We didn't actually use any of these as the main photo on our holiday card. Though that one of us all smiling and looking at the camera was a close contender. I was real back and forth between this one and the one I chose. (which I'm not putting on the internet because then why send out holiday cards?)

To sum up; I am so happy with how these came out. I know a lot of amazing photographers, but none well enough that I would even try to get them to give me a steep discount on nice photos. I can't justify the moolah. This app and the beautiful day we had at the park made these photos. Thank you, blue sky. Thank you, Fast Camera. Thank you, miss Panda bear for loving that tennis ball so so much. Most of all, thank you to my honey who doesn't like doing this stuff, but humors me.

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