Friday, August 19, 2011

Dress Fitting, Schmess Fitting

A few weeks ago, I had my first dress fitting. Woohoo! My dress looked great and the alterations lady thought it fit well enough so we shouldn't take anything in. BAH! My mom and I disagreed with the alterations lady. 
I am already a picky girl when it comes to how dresses fit me (as I would think many women are) and this is my WEDDING DRESS we're talking about here, so I'm gonna be ultra picky. So, I say to this dress, it would appear that I do have wedding dress size 8 hips and bust, but I have a size 6 waist, and dammit, I want my dress to fit like a glove, so take it in!

Yesterday was my second fitting. The dress fit perfectly in the bust and the waist, but was mysteriously tight in the hips. The lining kept bunching awkwardly. WTF? My butt did not get bigger in the last few weeks. I did not increase my ice cream intake or stop exercising, so there is no reason for my dress to be tight in the hips. The alterations lady told us either we could let it out a little or she could press it and "loosen up the fabric" or something. After much deliberation, we decided to have it let out a bit, but I'm kinda frustrated about it. I'm thinking she took it in too low and ended up making it tighter on the hips. 
Then as I was about to change back into my jeans, I noticed the bussel was uneven. It has three points where it buttons and the one on the left was noticeably lower than the one on the right. So, we asked her to fix it. 
Also kind of frustrating because we're not in there with a bunch of complicated alterations, so that just looks like laziness. 

My next and final dress fitting is Sept. 8 - my parents 32nd anniversary. My mom is coming with me and then spending the rest of the day celebrating with my dad. :)

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