Friday, January 17, 2014

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 2

I started my week of fantastically. Since I skipped my workout Tuesday, I was bound and determined to get to Power Yoga on Wednesday. Holy freaking smokes. It very well may have been my most intentioned, focused, strong, balanced, flexible practice EVER. Everything was there. The only negative was that there were some teacher trainees assisting in class and they came over a couple of times to "adjust" me. I wasn't even in the pose yet. Give me a second. Sheesh. ANYWAY, it was an incredible class. Such a great reintroduction to my mat for 2014. I miss just being a student sometimes - having other people lead the practice and just do what they say.

Thursday night I taught my beginners. I ended up doing a lot of class with them, so I counted it at my exercise that night, and I felt good about it.

Friday I cleaned my house. I wasn't feeling very good most of the day. It was oddly refreshing to just stay home and clean. Awesome facebook posts about Cinderella with robots ensued.

Saturday morning I got up stupid early (though really it was the same time I get up all the other days)  and went to anti-gravity yoga with my mom, sister, and friend. It was SO fun. I love it so much. I'm so excited that I have a groupon and can go 4 more times before I have to start paying $20 per class. That will mean I start going a lot less.
It was really fantastic. We had such a great time flipping and jumping and swinging around.

Sunday I taught Mommy & baby yoga in the morning. Got a halfway decent little ab workout in there. Later in the afternoon we went to the gym. I didn't have a lot of energy, so I just walked on the treadmill for a half hour before running a quick mile and heading home.

Monday night my honey was getting ready to catch an early Tuesday flight, so - in solidarity - I went to bed crazy early (9pm) and didn't have time between work and sleep to get in a workout.

Tuesday night I activated a new Groupon and went to boxing - new place, same instructor. I was so excited. Since I've been teaching Mommy & Baby yoga on Sunday mornings I've had to miss boxing all those days. Tuesdays are one of the only nights I consistently have off, so I designated this night at "boxing night"... at least for the next few weeks.

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