Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rainy Days Again

This rain is out of control. We had a nice day and a half long break and it's back. So, here I sit, towards the end of the day, watching the rain come down outside my window, wondering if I should even bother going to Nordstrom to try on this headband, which is hopefully as pretty in person as I think it is online.

I also plan on doing yoga in the living room tonight. I just hope Panda doesn't think it's playtime. She likes to try and crawl underneath me while I lower into chuttarunga. She's so thoughtful that way. It must be like Limbo to her. 
That, or she'll bat at my face. It's out of love - and that she has no clue that she's almost as tall as I am when she stands on her hind legs. I hope it's not raining like this tomorrow or she won't be able to go play with Blue at my parents' house and she'll most likely destroy something in our bedroom due to pent up energy. 

In other news, we had engagement pictures taken about a week and a half ago. The fabulous Nicky and Eric of Eight20 Photography met us at the corner of Mulholland and Las Virgenese. We took some (hopefully) really neat side-of-the-road shots and then headed North on Mulholland to Paramount Ranch, where they filmed Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. (HA!) 
We had a lot of fun. I think we really embraced the awkwardness of it all - having two near strangers take pictures of us as we walk around and do nothing in particular. 
But I really need to work on my patience because they told us we'd be able to see them in 2-3 weeks, and I am damn near tapping my foot waiting to see these images. I have such high hopes for them. I have been dying to get some nice photos of Tim and myself to put up since right now all we have are the ones of us making goofy faces. We are pros when it comes to goofy faces. 


  1. Ha - I had the same thought about wanting nice pictures of us. I ended up looking through photos of us in various places (here we are camping! here we are hiking! here we are in the snow!) to frame, but right now they're all 4x6. Reed gave me a nice shot of us from her wedding, so we have one nice picture of us that's slightly larger and nicely framed. Not that I want to plaster the walls with pictures of us...but you know.

  2. I have a couple here and there, but it's the same deal. They're all 4x6 and usually we have a hard time agreeing on a picture we both look good in.