Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Almost Married

This is most likely my last post before I'm officially a married woman. Kind of weird to think of myself as being married, but not weird to think of myself spending forever with Timmy, but after being engaged for a year and a half, and still having pretty much 27 years to decide how I feel about it, "Wife" and "Mrs." still seem so foreign to me - not like titles that will apply to me in 3 days.

It is finally starting to sink in though - in a good way. No cold feet here. I find myself thinking, "We're getting married this week. How freaking cool is that!?!"

We're still working out the most final of final details, but all the big stuff is done. The dress is at my parents' house. My shoes and jewelry are in a suitcase in my bedroom. The photographers and videographers are paid and know what time to be there. The table assignments are done, the place cards are being printed, and a special cake has been order so my cake topper doesn't have to sit on the table next to the cake.

I feel really good, and thinking about it makes me smile.

So, I know this was not a very long post, but being so near my wedding has shortened my attention span.

This is legally single Alyssa signing off for the last time. Latah.

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