Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Not for the Motion Sick

My momma on ze boat
May 19th was my cousin Matt's wedding on a boat in Newport Harbor(?).

I was a little worried about this because the last handful of times I've been out on a boat, I gots a leettle beet nauseous, but I pulled one of my favorite - nautically appropriate - dresses out of the closet and Tim & I drove our little tushies down to Newport to set sail for Helen & Matt's nuptials.
I was assured by a number of folks that the boat would be big enough that I would not get sick.

The wedding was a lot of fun. My family is pretty wonderful. I wish I could spend more time with them, but so many of them are just far enough away. I did get a little wobbly when the boat went out towards the ocean, but mostly while we were in the harbor, I was feeling pretty good. :)

Here are some shots from our day in Newport Beach - of my amazing family, my cousin and his new wife, and some of their wedding details. :)

Wonderful parents, waiting for the ceremony to start

Big sister & bro-in-law. 

I don't know why Timmy made this face, but I like it. Also, they gave us champagne before
 the ceremony. Awesome. 
The bride and groom during the ceremony. I know this isn't the best quality, but I still
wanted to share it because I think Helen looks stunning. 
They had these cute little flag with pictures of all of us around the ceremony. It was
such a sweet way to make us all feel involved. 
I tried to get this shot while they were having their first dance, but there was a crowd
around the cake. So, I managed to get it during the bride's dance with her father. 
I snuck a few photos of their professional photo session. Of course
my camera kind of stinks, so it didn't come out great, but I still like
this one. :)
This was actually before we even got on the boat. I think it shows off my husband's
new "action star" look. He recently shaved his head and let his stubble go. I think
he looks like he belongs in an action movie.
Me and my momma on ze boat
Finally off the boat (after 4 hours) and ready to go party it up at Villa Nova!

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