Monday, June 18, 2012

A Leetle Eataly

Been home for over a week. It's about time I get on this. 

Between my iPhone & Nikon, my sisters' iPhone's & digital cameras, and my parents' cameras, we have over a thousand vacation pictures.
Although it would be nice, I am not going to promise you a special post for every place we went. I am too lazy. Sorry 'bout that.

Instead, I offer you a mini photo recap of our vacay. Sorry if you already saw a lot of these on Facebook. Fingers crossed that I can keep this shortish...

Flying over the Swiss Alps
Yummy breakfast morning #1 - Cappuccino, orange juice, chocolate croissant
View of the lower city from La Citta Alta in Bergamo
Walk up to Castello di Grumello
In Lecco. Lake Como behind us. 
Lake Como
In Bergamo. The most AMAZING ice cream sandwiches!
Closed Museum in Genova. 
Pesto in its birthplace, Genova. Freaking amazing.
San Lorezo Cathedral. Famous. 
Wine tasting in Valpolicella
Juliet's Balcony. It took FOREVER to get this picture because old ladies kept
coming out to have their husbands take pictures of them "as Juliet". 
Day trip to Switzerland. So pretty. 
The Duomo at night. You can actually see the colors in the stained glass from the outside. 

Rebirth procession into the Duomo our second to last night in Milan
What's left of the canals in Milan
Walking back to the hotel on our last night in Milan

That's all for now, kiddos. Happy Monday. More about our return to reality to come...later. 

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