Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kitchen Remodel; Part 1

I don't really feel like writing much, so here are some pictures and captions of our kitchen remodel in progress...

This is what the kitchen looked like before we even bought the place. We had LOVELY composite countertops, mismatched backsplash, and one butcherblock counter, which they lovingly used as a cutting board. No fridge. Range without working display. Microwave that rocks gently when you push the button to open. High quality ceramic sink that broke every glass that so much as fell over. Ohyeah, and we hope you have a fridge... 

Then my husband and his dad came in and ripped everything out. 

And then they did manly things like cutting a new hole for the sink...

Then they had to see how it looked/fit, so they tested it out. PERFECT!

It's a mess, but by the end of the day we had new countertops, sink, faucet, dishwasher, microwave and ceiling fan, which you can't see. 
Last night we picked out the backsplash tiles and tomorrow we're going to Lowe's to pick them up - yes, one store actually had 26 sq feet of the same backsplash tile IN STOCK. It was like Christmas.

This weekend we're finishing it all - repainting the cabinets, walls/ceiling, sealing the countertops, installing cabinet hardware, lining all the shelves and drawers.

We need to do something about the window covering...bleeeeeeh. Still not sure what the plan is there, but we'll get to it. No big.

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