Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Fit Mama; Week 1 - Getting My Body Back In 2015

Oh hey, guys, remember how I had a baby at the end of last year?

There's a funny thing about having a baby - it does a number on a human body. Then you basically sit on your a** for a month and before you even know it, you're ready to try going on a short walk, which ends up leaving you completely out of breath and wondering what happened to the strong, fit, healthy person you used to be.

No? Not You? Maybe that's just me then.

So, this is the beginning - the campaign to get my body back in 2015.

I gained 36 lbs during my pregnancy. Most of it came off on its own. On the 5th, I started taking Joe out on 2 mile walks in the afternoon, and on the 12th, after my postnatal checkup, I started working out from home. As of today, I have 8 lbs to go to get back to my prepregnancy weight.

Aside from trying to eat a healthy diet, this is what my workouts have looked like this week...

Monday I had planned to start P90X, but forgot that I had lent it to my sister, so I did 45 minutes of Dance Central Spotlight. It was so much easier than trying to dance with my giant pregnant belly. I could do all of the squat moves, move my feet faster, and most of the bouncing didn't bother me either - though next time I will have to wear a better bra. Joe loved it too. The combination of watching me flail around and listening to pop music made him very happy.

Tuesday I got P90X back from my sister, so mid evening I started Day 1 - Chest & Back. 20 minutes in, the baby lost his shit, so I nursed him until hubs got home. Then he sat with him mwhile I finished my workout, which by the way, was so freaking hard. It's a pretty intense hour long routine of pushups and pullups.

Wednesday was supposed to be Plyometrics, but I wasn't feeling ready for it so I subbed in Cardio X for Day 2. Joe was a rock star. Totally chilled out and watched me workout in the dining room. He likes to watch my workouts when I move my arms and legs around a lot. I'm so so glad opted to do cardio x instead of plyometrics. It was a really tough workout, especially considering the only cardio I'd done for a month was a week of two-mile walks.

Thursday was Day 3 Shoulders & Arms. Another really tough one. I let myself slide on some moves. I'm not supposed to push myself too hard (seeing as I was only 4.5 weeks PP). Dude was a little fussy. I needed to stop halfway through to feed him. I managed the whole workout nonetheless.

For Day 4 on Friday, I did Yoga X. It was my first time doing an actual complete practice since before Joe was born. Dude was a little fussy so it wasn't very Zen, but it worked out. I gave him a pacifier when he fussed and then he brought him down to do floor work with me. I finally started to feel stronger on Friday. I had a rough time the first few chuttarungas but they actually got easier as I went through the practice. It felt great.

Saturday was Day5 Legs & Back. Joe was pretty entertained by watching me do lots of squats and lunges. The last 15 minutes he got pretty fussy, so I started using him as a weight. I had to sub in some baby press instead of the last round of pull-ups. He worked great as my extra weight for squats and calf raises.

Sunday I managed to get my workout (and shower) to coincide with Joe's nap. He doesn't always take a real nap so this was a pleasant surprise. I put him in the rocker while I did Kenpo X for Day 6.

Sooooo, that was my first week working out again. I'm so happy I've been able to start working out. It hasn't been easy, and a lot of days its my only time off my butt, but it feels pretty darn fantastic!

I'm back to workout update posts every Wednesday (as long as I find the time to type them up - which I can usually do while nursing). Fun times. :)

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