Monday, February 25, 2013

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 8

SUNDAY! I think I need to start all these posts with all caps so we can all get excited. :) Sunday morning I got up early for Sankalpa Shakti yoga. There was a sub. It was fine, but I was the only one in the class who showed up to yoga to be challenged (out of 4 people), so it was a really easy class.
Later that afternoon, T accompanied me to a partner yoga/valentine's workshop. I thought it would be more about partner asana. While we did do some neat asana stuff, it was a lot of mushy Valentine-y stuff too. We had fun though. There was a lot of giggling happening in our corner of the room. We're mature like that. 

Monday I worked a little late - it's tax season, y'all - so I knew I wasn't going to make it to any classes. I decided I would make a playlist to accompany me on my treadmill jog - one that would get me past the 1 mile mark. (Links will take you to my tweets from yesterday) By the way, I'm only embarrassed of two artists on my playlist. It doesn't matter anyway, because that playlist helped me RUN 3 MILES! YESSSSSSSSS! I'm not gonna lie. It was tough. I am not entirely over my funk and I still plan to take the run outdoors, but this is a HUGE step in the right directions. WAHOO!

Tuesday night I went to Power Yoga and it was amazing. It was only my second time taking with this teacher and it is pretty awesome to get a different perspective and different tips and tricks from a new person.

Wednesday night - MORE POWER YOGA. I made time for it this week. I also got a pretty amazing phone call on Wednesday morning. I'll have a whole separate post dedicated to that, BUT I am a real yoga teacher now. Pretty. freaking. amazing. Class Wednesday night was totally awesome. My quads were totally screaming at me all day on Thursday because we stayed in Warrior 2 stance for soooooo long. I left feeling strong and also very very tired.

Thursday night I taught. I thought I might work out once I got home, but that didn't end up happening.

Friday night I cleaned the house.

Saturday I took yoga at the gym and then followed it up with some of my own practice.

Sorry I got kinda lazy at the end there. :/ ... and there aren't even any pictures in this post. 

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