Tuesday, November 1, 2011


For months, Tim and I have been making trips to car dealerships - looking for the best deal on the best car and what is the most realistic and reasonable for us, researching cars online, finding out what kind of financing we can get where and what the monthly payments would work out to. We sent a whole slew of car options to our insurance guy to find out what we could expect to pay for insurance on each car, and then we looked at our budget again and again to make sure we were managing this car buying thing effectively.

After trips to Honda, Dodge, Ford, and Subaru, we finally made our way over to Nissan on Saturday. We looked at a few different cars while we were there, and though some of them were really nice, only one of them was going to be our Tim's new car. We went home on Saturday to mull things over, and came back on Sunday with this very specific car in mind - a 2012 Altima.

And then we set about negotiating with the Nissan people to buy it.

So now we have officially bought our first car as a married couple. I kind of love it, and sort of wish we had bought it for me, but my turn will come. :) My little Honda Civic is still truckin' away, so I've got some time before it needs replacing. 

In the mean time, check out Timmy's totally awesome new car. :)

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