Friday, June 27, 2014

Pregnancy Super Foods

Happy Friday, folks! Happy 17 weeks of existence to my baby!

A couple of weeks ago, I found this list of "pregnancy super foods"

It made me so happy... because 10 out of the 12 foods on this list were not only in my regular diet, but some of my favorites. So, I thought why not share them with you, and give you a little something to think about.

Whether you're pregnant or not, these foods are so freaking good for you.

1. Avocado - High in healthy fats, these gorgeous green fruits are also an excellent source of folic acid (for baby's brain development), vitamin C, B6, and potassium. Aside from classically throwing these on sandwiches and into a big bowl of guacamole, I love to slice up a ripe avocado, sprinkle a little salt on there and call it a snack. Healthy and delicious.

2. Broccoli - A go-to vegetable in our house, we all know that broccoli is high in fiber, which is good for digestion. It's also a wundebar source of vitamins A and C. My favorite way to eat broccoli is tossed in olive oil and roasted with some salt and pepper. It doesn't need much else, unless you want to go nutso with the spices - in which case, have at it.

3. Carrots - Sometimes carrots by themselves can make a really good snack. I also like to dip them in hummus or roast them. Hubs doesn't like cooked carrots (weirdo :P) so we usually end up eating them raw, or I'll throw them in a stirfry (just for myself). Carrots are great for your bones, teeth, and eyes, which means they're great for baby's bones, teeth, and eyes.

4. Eggs - Eggs are my primary source of protein. This list actually shows DHA eggs, which - obvs - have extra DHA and are better for baby's brain development.

5. Edamame - I love buying these bags of frozen edamame at Trader Joes, defrosting them (usually by boiling them) and them sprinkling the bowl with a touch of salt or sometimes a little chili powder. It's such a yummy snack. Edamame is high in protein, calcium, folic acid, and vitamins A and B.

6. Lentils - Personally, I am not a big lentil eater. I know they're good for you, but I kinda think they don't really taste like anything. I do however, believe in eating things that are good for me, and lentils are super high in  folic acid, protein, vitamin B6, and iron, so unless I just plain don't like how they're prepared, I'm usually down to eat a serving of lentils.

7. Mangoes - There was a period of time when hubs and I were buying the boxes of mangoes at costco and eating the whole box with ease. I would just peel them and eat them raw. I also loooove mango in smoothies, or one of my favorite treats, coconut mango frozen yogurt. Mangoes, like avocado, are a great source of potassium - a perfect treat to help battle any cramps or charlie horses.

8. Nuts - Though high in calories and fat, nuts are an excellent source of protein and minerals. If you're like me and get headaches, snack on some nuts for a little magnesium kick. I like to buy roasted mixed nuts from TJs and take them to work with me for an afternoon snack. I've recently learned I'm a big cashew fan. So, I may try and sneak in a few extra cashews here and there.

9. Oatmeal - I always have oatmeal well stocked in my house... and at work. Speaking of, my work stash is running low. I love it with a little brown sugar, cinnamon, and fresh berries. I even splurged once and sprinkled in some chocolate chips and banana. It tastes like campfire food. So delicious. Oats are full of fiber, vitamin B, and iron.

10. Red Pepper - This is the other item on the list I just don't get excited about. I got a migraine once after eating raw peppers. It was unrelated, but since I wasn't feeling well and I kept burping up the taste of pepper, it's still really hard for me to eat red peppers - especially raw. Yuck. Even though they're a great place to get your vitamins A and C, I still have a hard time. I do like roasted red pepper soup though. Maybe I can eat more peppers by eating more soup?

11. Spinach - Spinach is amazing. It's one of those greens that just goes with everything. Raw in a salad, sauteed with onions and spices, scrambled up in an omelet - so many delicious ways to enjoy spinach, and its sooooo so so good for you - it's high in folic acid, iron, vitamin A, and calcium. It blends beautifully into, making smoothies vibrant green, but you never have to worry about getting that piece of spinach stuck in your teeth - unlike the dreaded Kale.

12. Yogurt - Packed with protein, calcium, and folic acid, I find yogurt a much easier way to meet my dairy goals than trying to drink milk. My current favorite snackable yogurts are the Trader Joes brand Greek yogurts. They're around 130 calories, thick, smooth, filling, and they taste fantastic. I am also still into the occasional serving of Goat Milk yogurt. It sounds weird, I know, but if you like goat cheese, you have to try goat milk yogurt.

What do you think? Are you at all surprised how healthy some of these delicious snacks are?

Ugh, now I want an avocado.

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