Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy *cough* Thanksgiving *cough cough* -er

Last week was brutal.  The week started off not quite right with Tim battling a bug. It was no big deal. He just didn't feel great. I was good.
Wednesday I woke up with a lump in my throat and powered through the day with vitamin C. Luckily Tim got to leave work early that day because his "not so great" had progressed into feeling downright bad.
Thursday my throat had gotten a little worse, but I was still feeling generally good. More vitamin C, plus delicious  homemade smoothies helped me in my efforts to get the house cleaned up for Tim's parents' arrival on Friday morning, but I could not get my sick Timmy out of bed. Already reluctant to expose my entire family to whatever bug had gotten loose in our home, we decided to skip the trip to the O.C. for Thanksgiving with the Handys. It broke my heart to miss Thanksgiving.
Later in the evening, my well rested husband got a burst of energy and put the Christmas tree up in the living room to make me feel better. I wish it filled the hole that missing Thanksgiving left, but it did make me feel a little better.
Unfortunately, I went to bed Thursday night feeling not-so-awesome.

Friday morning Tim woke up, checked in with his parents on their trip, and brought me dayquil and ibuprofen - without which I would not have gotten out of bed. Tim's parents arrived around 11. We all hung out together for a while before Tim and his mom started cooking our Thanksgiving-er dinner. It would have been Thanksgiving; Part 2, but we didn't make it to Thanksgiving; Part 1
We had way way too much food, so some of my family came by to help us eat it all. I was very happy that they were able to make it out - especially since I wasn't able to see them the day before.

Saturday morning Tim got up first and brought me dayquil and ibuprofen to help get me out of bed. We immediately ventured out into the world - had to get $5 off at Bevmo and buy a new bookshelf. I spent the rest of the day going upstairs to take naps between socializing and watching TV.

That night we watched Pirates of the Caribbean; On Stranger Tides and gave Tim's mom her birthday presents - her birthday is today, by the way (Happy Birthday, Bridget!).

Sunday, I think, was my worst day. We had to get up early to say goodbye to Tim's parents, who wanted to miss any Thanksgiving traffic on their way back down to San Diego. Once they were on the road, we were back in bed, where we slept soundly until about noon. Tim woke up feeling refreshed, like he was actually getting better, and I woke up happy for him, but feeling terrible. We did hardly anything all day. I hardly left the couch all day. My parents brought us some soup and Tim ran out to the store to restock our orange juice supply and pick up some Mucinex. They helped enough that I was able to assemble the bookshelf we'd bought on Saturday. It looks great, by the way - pictures soon!

Monday morning I woke up feeling totally not awesome, so I called in sick and slept until 1030. I spent the rest of the day on the couch, watching the first two seasons of Parks & Rec on Netflix, and getting dizzy every time I turned my head.

Yesterday I went back to work, and today (in addition to being my mother-in-law's birthday) is my dad's birthday! Happy Birthday Dad! You're the greatest ever!
I'm still not feeling awesome, but I am determined to feel good enough to get to my dad's birthday dinner tonight.
So, in the interest of rest...

Peace out.

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