Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bye Bye, Baby

When I turned 18, my parents bought me a car as a birthday/graduation present. Last week I was in a car accident and this morning I found out that she's been declared a total loss.

Not only did she take me places, but she went everywhere with me. When I moved to Alabama in 2006, we shipped her out so I could drive around T-town.

After graduation, we caravaned safely back from Tuscaloosa to SoCal. 

At the continental divide

After that, we spent every other weekend driving back to Northern California to see Tim. We listened to many Sookie Stackhouse novels on the way, and found some interesting radio stations when Sookie's escapades were too much.

She's the black one. 
She braved long, winding dirt roads to get me to my destination.

We've been though flat tires at 4am and generator failures on I-5... (ok, only one of each). 

She took us to pick up a baby Panda, and didn't complain when the pup puked all over the backseat. 

In a time when all my friends were naming their cars, I could never find the right one. I can't really even believe all the places we've gone together - all over LA county, San Diego, San Francisco and all over the East Bay, Sacramento, Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Nashville, Memphis, Bowling Green KY, Atlanta, Russelville AR, Oklahoma City, Flagstaff, and the Grand Canyon.
I might be missing some, but I am so grateful to have had my little car.

Thanks for the memories, baby girl. Things won't be the same without you. 

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