Monday, July 29, 2013

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 30

First of all, HAPPY MONDAY! I know, you're just as excited to be back at work as I am. :P Right? This was kind of a crazy week. Not as much yoga as I'm used to - a lot of running and a lot of teaching.

Sunday I took the advanced class at Cardio Barre in the morning. I almost went to boxing, but decided against it this time.

Monday I ran 3.4 miles. I wrote about it here. It was tough, like whoa.

Since I committed to a training schedule for my half marathon, Tuesday I went for a 4 mile run. It was so hard. Ohmygosh. I am so out of practice. Walking up and down the stairs in my house that night was brutal.

Wednesday I taught Power Yoga and then took the candlelit class afterward. It felt amazing to stretch out after the previous two days of running. Sheesh. I also started a 30 day plank challenge on Wednesday. I jumped in on Day 3 since some people I know started on Monday. Day 3 was 30 seconds. No problemo. :)

Thursday I taught my class from 7 to 8, then went home to change and get ready for my run. That night I needed to run 6 miles to stick with my training. That was tough. There's a route by my house that's a perfect 5k, so I thought about just running it twice (6.2 miles), but then I thought that would be really boring. So, I decided to just run wherever and turn where I felt like it. It was still really hard, but less boring and monotonous.

Friday I got up super early for beach yoga. The gate to the beach we planned to go to was locked and I didn't know I had access to a key, so we did yoga at the beach house. Then I drove back into the valley for some pre-birthday cardio barre. It was the instructor's birthday, so they had her all decked out in beads and a tiara. She shared some of her birthday beads with me since it was my birthday the next day. Made me feel all special.

Saturday was my birthday. You bet your butt I still worked it. Got up at 745 and ran 5 miles then went to get my CPR certification. It was HOT. Phew. That run was tough. I thought I would run 2.5 miles and then just turn around and go back, but most of the time I was running with the sun on my back, so I knew just flat turning around would not be an option. So, I did some meandering and some diagonals so I didn't have to just turn around and run into the sun. It worked out. :)

How was your week?

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