Friday, December 9, 2011

Let me tell you something about being sick...

Unless I'm totally wrong, when you are a normal, healthy, nonsmoking woman in your 20's and you get sick, you are supposed to get better - and you are supposed to get better relatively quickly. And so, when I started to feel a tad bit under the weather the few days before Turkey Day, I thought, "Hey, no big, its just a bug and I'll kick it in the ass and be back on my feet in no time."
As we already know, I stayed home last Monday in my attempt to rest up so my body could get rid of said bug.
And for a while after that I wasn't feeling amazing, but I was better and I was making strides towards normal - my hopes of getting to the gym tomorrow or the next day or the next day seemed reasonable.

And here I am, 16 days after first mentioning aloud that I was not feeling awesome, and now, in addition to the lovely cough the developed over the last week, my original symptoms of grogginess, dizziness and congestion appear to have returned.

DOUBLE-U TEE EFF!?!?! (yes, I just spelled that out and defeated the entire purpose of abbreviating it in the first place)

This WHATEVER-THIS-IS is pissing me off. I would sincerely appreciate if it would get the heck out of my system.


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