Monday, July 8, 2013

Seven Days of Yoga, Week 27

27 is my favorite number. It's my birthday, which is mostly where it came from, but now I'm realizing that July starts in the 27th week of the year, which makes me dig the number more since I was born in July. ;)

Week 27 started with a bike ride to and from Cardio Barre on Sunday. On my ride home one of the girls from class stuck her head out the window to cheer me on for keeping the exercise going. It made me happy.

Monday I went back for round 2 of Pump It Up. I think I went too easy on myself with some of the weights, so it didn't seem as challenging as the first time I took the class. Maybe next time I'll step it up a little more.

Tuesday I took Total Fit Body. Not really sure what happened there. The teacher was injured, but I don't know if that's why class felt kind of slow/easy. I dunno. It could have all been in my head.

Wednesday morning I taught my class bright and early. I took Power Yoga. We had a sub, so the class had a very different vibe than I'm used to. It just felt like we were holding things past the point of keeping the mind clear. That was also probably more me than the class. Some things I like holding, others I do not. Meh.

Thursday my class was cancelled because of the holiday and I was going to take spin, but we got ants in our pants and didn't want to wait until noon to workout, so I ended up weight lifting with the hubs. I didn't feel like I worked super hard, but according to my heart rate monitor, I burned upwards of 350 calories. Kinda surprising.

Friday morning I had class, but it was empty. None of the regulars had work to go to after class, so they slept in, I guess. I used to opportunity to have the room to myself for an hour of solo practice. It was kinda cool. I wiped me out though. The rest of the day I pretty much just wanted to go back to sleep. That night I ran two miles on the treadmill, but hubs was coming down with a cold (which I now have), so we didn't stay long.

Saturday morning I taught yoga in the park, which makes me happy. Not a big turnout, but my mom came and later that night she told me she really thinks I am a great yoga teacher, which was so so wonderful to hear. Right after yoga, I ran up to Cardio Barre to catch the 930 advanced class.

I feel like I worked really hard this week. Still eating too much ice cream though. Have to get away from that. ;)

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