Friday, January 6, 2012

First Official Wedding Photo Ordered

I stole this from our photographer's proof page. Shhhhhh.
I think it's okay though and I'll tell you why...because I just ordered a print of it. Doesn't that make it okay?

Anyway, I am really excited because this is the first official wedding photo I've ordered to put up in our house. My grandma kinda beat me. She ordered this one (to the right) to put on her wall of wedding photos:

Back to my photo, I know you can't see our faces, but I think there is something really sweet and beautiful about it. Plus the wind makes my veil look purdy.

I even have a frame for it already. Thanks to Michelle & Jackson for buying us the only really fancy frame we now own as a wedding gift.

There are tons of really beautiful photos from our wedding day. I can't wait until we get them all on a disc so I can share all my favorites. :)

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