Monday, September 9, 2013

3 Grown Women at a Backstreet Boys Concert

For my birthday, my amazing friend bought us tickets to see the Backstreet Boys on September 4th.
I was a little apprehensive for about 5 seconds. I didn't know if they would still be any good. I thought maybe it would be a tad pathetic to watch these guys 15 years past their prime, but we decided to take the plunge. We were completely obsessed with them 15 years ago, after all.

So, my big sis joined us and the three of us had an absolutely amazing time reliving some of our fondest moments as 14 year olds.

The boys still got it. They were amazing to watch and such a blast.
Even though our seats weren't the greatest - we're trying to save $ - we still managed to get some awesome pictures.

We were nerded out over being old enough to drink at a Backstreet Boys concert. 

Before they went on, we enjoyed some mild fist pumping with DJ Pauly D.

Then they came out on stage, Nick got the crowd going - not that the crowd needed to be gotten going. It was so freaking loud. We're too old for loud things and screaming.

They played a ton of songs from way back in the day - some we'd even forgotten about. When they opened with "We've Got it Goin' On", it was obvious I'd made the right decision to see them again. There's nothing like reliving your early teens by dancing around a stadium full of grown women (and some of their spouses) to the songs you and your besties used to make up dance routines to. Everybody jam, y'all. Everybody jam. 

I also rediscovered my love for the song "The Call". How had I totally forgotten about this song? IT'S GLORIOUS! How did they write a song that simultaneously renounces cheating but also implies "Hey, pretty girl fan, if I ran into you in a club we could maybe hook up... even though I got a girlfriend"? DUUUDE. The genius of these songwriters is just beyond. Plus I relistened to the track on the CD and AJ's acting is DEVINE. Caps worthy. 

Things I learned seeing the Backstreet Boys live now that I'm grown:
  • Howie got hot. Imagine our surprise when we see close ups of the goofy looking one from our teens looking like a bonafide Latin hottie.
  • Kevin grabs his crotch... a lot. 'Nuf said.
  • Stage presence doesn't go away with age. AJ, in particular, has such a commanding presence on stage. I mean, 5 years older than I am is not old. So, he's not old, but for some reason in my head because 5 years seemed like such a huge gap between 14 and 19, he should be like 50 by now, right? Nope. Regardless, stage presence = awesome. They own. 
  • They still do all the same AH-mazing dance moves. The Larger than Life penguin wings move? Totally still a thing. 
We had such an amazing time. It was such a blast. If you ever get the chance to travel back in time and see some of your old favorite musicians, I HIGHLY recommend. 

I hope I have a chance to see them again someday.

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