Friday, August 15, 2014

Yoga Baby; Week 24

Week 24

According to the internet, that means I'm 6 months pregnant. 6 MONTHS? Like whoa.
I was poking around on Instagram last weekend and exploring the hashtag #22weekspregnant... someone posted a picture of themselves and said "officially 6 months pregnant today! #22weekspregnant" and all I could think was "someone is not good at math"

Here's what's happening with me and the tiny one...

Cravings: Same same. It's hot though, so eating things that cool me down is good.

Aversions: Still not really having them. Food and I are generally friends. I did eat too many tomatoes recently, so I've been having fewer tomatoes. Not completely avoiding them though.

Energy:  Same. 70/30 good days to bad days.

Missing: I need to briefly mention how much going out to dinner has been disappointing lately. Nice restaurants like to serve a lot of things that are not preggo friendly. It gets frustrating. When I picked the restaurant for my birthday dinner with my parents, hubs says "the menu looks 'meh'" and I said "you do know that pretty much every menu looks like that to me?". It ended up being really great though. Pleasant surprise all around. They even made me a blackberry mint lemonade since I couldn't order a cocktail. It was lovely. Maybe I'll try to recreate it on here.

Feeling: Groggy in the mornings - like all the way til practically lunch time.

Movement: He is getting so much stronger. I used to only feel him move a couple times a day. I knew he moved around a lot (little man flips up a storm every time I see him on an ultrasound), but I would only feel a little bit of that. On Monday night, hubs and I were making dinner and he just went nuts. Some of the strongest movements I've felt so far. It's a little scary to think he's only getting stronger because the first one was so strong and such a surprise I actually said "whoa!" aloud. It's my own fault for calling him after a Norse God.

Speaking of... look what my mom made my honey for his birthday...


Wearing: I hate clothes. My mom says "Haha, just wait." but I feel like on some level I will hate clothes less as I am bigger because I won't just look like a chubby person in certain outfits.

Yoga: I can still do arm balances - well, some of them, the ones that don't require belly squishing. Also, my energy is pretty great in class. Apparently I'm not supposed to jump back into chuttarunga anymore since it puts extra strain on the wrists, but my wrists feel fine, so... I haven't decided how I feel about that restriction yet.

Can't Live Without:  Ice Water. I have a giant tumbler filled with ice water on my desk at work at all times. If it's not there, I feel crummy.
My body pillow. I don't have a snoogle or a boppy or anything. It's just a giant body pillow from BBB. Even on nights I don't sleep on my side, I like to have it there to lean on or throw my leg over. Plus, I'm a blanket gatherer, so now that its a bazillion degrees out at night and I don't want blankets, I can just hug the pillow and it stays pretty cool.

16 weeks to go, y'all!

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