Friday, September 5, 2014

Revisiting Happiness

Photo snagged from Design Stitch Go's Instagram 

It's been 11 months since I wrote about happiness and linked up with some of my very first blogger friends. On my drive into work this morning I got to thinking about this one general sentiment that's been following me around a bit lately.

People post quotes on Instagram and Pinterest and Facebook all the time, and because there are so so many of them, usually they just go in one ear and out the other for me.

But this one is sticking. I'm not sure if that's because it's something I needed to be reminded of, or something I'm noticing about others.

Or maybe everyone is just cranky because it's September and its 90 something degrees outside.

In a way, it is bringing me back to my yoga practice - to this place of not being attached to the outcome, to being who you are, striving to be and have everything you can, but ultimately holding onto contentment no matter what turns life takes. There is always something yoga can teach us.

It is something that pregnancy is constantly reminding me of, something I had to remind myself as I worked toward my fitness goals in the first place, something I have to remind myself every day now as I lose strength, balance and form - those things I worked so very hard to attain - and something I will have to remind myself of again once this little boy joins us in the outside world and I try to return to my new life.

A long time ago now, I used to say things like, "without expectation there can be no disappointment", and to a certain extent that is true, but looking back, I think that was the negative way of seeing things - as if not getting what you wanted would be a disappointment in the first place. You have not failed. You have only reached a different outcome.

Want. Strive. Hope. If it suits you, expect. The key will be when all is said and done, if you can let go of whatever you thought you were going to get from the experience, and be whole and content with what you actually got - whether those two things are the same or not.

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