Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 36

Wednesday was kind of a weird day. Hubs was trying out a new TKD studio nearby and its been tough to get motivated for most of my Wednesday night workout options. I used to love taking Power Yoga, but that class gets really hot and sweaty, so I'd rather do something more mellow. This week hubs downloaded Dance Central Spotlight on the Xbox specifically for me. So, Wednesday night while he was gone, I tried it out. It was kinda fun. Hard at times, but motivating because - at least for me - if I missed a move I had to do the whole dance again until I earned as many moves as I could or got sick of the song. I ended up dancing to 4 songs over and over for about an hour and a half. I worked up a sweat. I felt my quads and shoulders fatiguing. It was great.

Thursday was supposed to be my weekly yoga date. We missed Monday because of the holiday, but my girlfriend came down with a cold and even though she felt up for a light workout, I wasn't sure about voluntarily exposing myself to a cold, so I decided to give Power Yoga a go, even though I was pretty tired. Haven't been sleeping well and my workout the night before left me beat. So, yoga was really hard. I took more breaks than I had ever taken, made more modification than ever, and a few times even left poses to do something completely different because my body told me to. I did, however, start my practice with annoying sciatic pain on the right side, and by the end (thanks to engaging my glutes and using the block like a massage ball) I was feeling SO much better.

Friday I went back for more Bollywood Dance. He had announced the week before that class was cancelled through October, so when it showed up on the schedule this week, I sent my sister a text asking if she knew anything about it, or if it was a mistake.

Saturday we had our second childbirth class. Even though we're out and done by 1, it's a little hard to get the day going after that. We didn't do much of anything that we'd planned to do, and we barely made it to the gym later in the evening. Once we did, I stood around and chatted with one of the fitness instructors for a little while and then did 30 minutes on the elliptical. Getting me out of the house in the first place was a challenge though. I was ready for a nap - practically fell asleep on the couch 5 minutes before we left.

Sunday morning I got up early to teach and had enough energy for that alone. I've been following it up with boxing lately, but this week I was still so very tired. So, I went home and ate a nice breakfast - eggs, sausage, and avocado on pita. Yum. Later I was still tired, but I didn't want to miss prenatal yoga, so I got off my butt and drove to class, where we commiserated about feeling like whales and houses.

Monday night I went home and danced again. I found a new setting on Dance Central Spotlight. I can just tell it to go for 30 minutes or 20 minutes or an hour, and it will play songs and give me a cardio routine to keep up with. Some of the moves are hard, especially with my belly and my newly sensitive joints, but I still have a lot of fun and get a good workout. I did a 30 minute session, reassessed, and then did another 20 minutes.

Tuesday night was another round of too tired for life. I thought I'd take the easyish yoga class at the gym, but it didn't start at 630 like I thought, so I did some yoga at home - about 20 minutes of flow and 20 minutes of stretching. It felt good. It wasn't the best workout ever, but I got what I needed.

How was your week?

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