Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 35

Wednesday night I ended up just taking Panda out on a 30 minute walk. We had a nice time. She was very excited.

Thursday night I taught my class and I joined the ladies for mellow sunset yoga. It was an easy class, but I still had a hard time. The longer holds are what kill me - even if we're in a reclined position, holding it too long and I start to get uncomfortable/tired/achey.

Friday I went to Bollywood dance with my sister. Class was much more fun this time. We didn't feel rushed and the choreography was easier (but still exhausting). It was a great workout and I was wiped out afterward.

Saturday we ended up skipping exercise for the day. We had our first childbirth prep class and then ended up running errands the rest of the afternoon. I did a ton of walking though. :)

Sunday morning I taught yoga early and then stayed and took boxing at the gym. I definitely took it easy this week, but I still worked my ass off and sweated up a storm. Made me feel better about the four chocolate chip cookies and piece of fig tart I had later.

Monday we didn't have any real plans, so we took our time getting up and going to the gym. I did did about 45 minutes on the recumbent bike while hubs did some lifting. It was about all I could manage. I was still pretty wiped out from the day before.

Tuesday hubs and I took the day off work together. I had a doctors appt in the morning, so he came with, and then we went and worked out around noon. I took Vinyasa Flow at the yoga studio. It was only an hour class and it was perfect.

How was your week?

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