Friday, December 19, 2014

10 Christmas Traditions

*Yet another post I wrote this before our little man arrived. My friend Claire shared her list of Christmas traditions via vlog. I was going to follow her lead and post a video, but I haven't felt much like prettying myself up lately, so no video is happening. :P

1. What is your favorite Christmas movie? 

This one's a tie between White Christmas and Scrooged.

2. What is your favorite Christmas song?

Carol of the Bells. I was talking to my big sis about this one the other day in the car. I think it's one of the only songs I am always in the mood to hear. I particularly love the Transiberian Orchestra version, but it also great performed by pretty much anyone.

3. When do you open presents?

Since we got married, hubs and I have been alternating where we go for Christmas day each year. That's usually when the presents get opened - with whomever's family we're with. We open presents from each other whenever we feel like it - sometimes as early as the 23rd, but usually we open them on Christmas eve, or whatever the night is before we go where we're going.

This year I have no idea what's happening since we're planning to stay home on Christmas day. Since we'll have such a tiny wee one, we're not planning to bring him around to any big family functions. We will be opening some gifts with my immediate family (sisters, parents, bro-in-law) on the 23rd, so that'll probly be our big present opening day.

4. What do you normally eat on Christmas day?

I love to have french toast for Christmas breakfast. If it's just the 3 of us and I'm not too exhausted. I will definitely make french toast in the morning.
Hubs likes to make a ham. No idea if that's happening this year. He's been mentioning it a bit here and there so there is a chance that ham may be on the menu. We'll have to wait and see.
My grandma (Glam-ma) always makes stuffed grape leaves, but she makes those for nearly every holiday gathering.

5. What do you normally eat on Christmas eve?

Christmas eve there isn't really a regular menu - I feel like if I said we had anything I might be confusing it with Thanksgiving. Usually there is some kind of potato dish. I think we had scalloped potatoes a few times, mashed other times. For some reason I associate cocktail wieners with Christmas eve. Some one probably made them once and it just burned itself into my brain. My mom always brings pie and salad. I also have a distinct memory of my dad making a roast. That was a much more recent Christmas.

6. Christmas PJs?

Nope. I basically sleep in my bumming around clothes - not suitable for taking pictures on Christmas morning. Usually I'll put on some "cute pjs" AKA yoga pants and a cozy sweater before heading down to present opening. I like to be presentable. :P

7. Do you own a Christmas sweater?

Nope. I used to have a black thermal with a snow globe and snowflakes on it, but it wasn't a sweater. Obvs.

8. When do you set up the Christmas tree?

Nowadays we I do it on Black Friday. Keeps me distracted since I try not to go out of the house much that day - we live near a giant mall, getting anywhere is just asking for trouble. We have a fake tree, which I know is very non-yogi of me, but I figure I'm still green if we use it for 15 years, and we're on year 4 now. I call that a win.
Growing up, we didn't set the tree up at any particular time. Usually on a weekend, I think? It was a whole ordeal. Holiday music was blasted, sisters and mom and I put everything up together.

9. When is it appropriate to begin listening to Christmas music?

Whenever you want, but I prefer to wait at least until December.
Last year we went to an outdoor movie showing called Christmas in July. There was plenty of Christmas music to go around.

10. Favorite childhood Christmas tradition?

We haven't done it every year, but I love getting together with my mom, sisters, and sometimes aunts to decorate cookies or gingerbread houses. We always have fun and it always makes it feel like the holidays.
I hope our little bug likes decorating cookies with me when he's old enough.

It's still a few days til Christmas! Jump on in and share your own traditions!

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