Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Fit Mama; Week 7

This week was kind of a mellow workout week. I went on a lot of walks... as you will see.

Monday Joe and I walked 3.5 miles and I did ab ripper x and called it a day.

Tuesday night hubs "rushed" his workout to get home in time for me to make it to a hip hop class. It was the same teacher I used to take Bollywood dance from, and when I showed up at hip hop, he says to me "you look different. Why do you look so different?"... the answer is that I am no longer home to a tiny human baby. It was such a fun class. I sweated up a storm and had a blast.

Wednesday I broke my workout up into two chunks. Around lunch time, little dude did his tummy time and mama did ab ripper x on the floor next to him. We both got great core workouts. Later on, I pushed play on some legs & back. Pull ups are still not my favorite, but I love the leg workouts so much that it still my workout.

Thursday was a repeat of Monday. Little dude and I went on a long walk, and finished the day with ab ripper x.

Friday we did baby & me yoga. It was a tougher workout than last week. It was a great group of moms and babies, and later on I went on another long walk.
Saturday was a rest day. 

Sunday I went to boxing with my sister and my aunt. My wrist is still messed up - this guy is heavy - so I shadow boxed instead of actually boxing. It is actually harder to shadow box. So much shoulder and core work.

I'm actually feeling kind of down about this week. My workouts weren't tough enough to counter all of the terrible eating I did, and if I hadn't just polished off a bag of Cadbury mini eggs I would say this week will be better. I'm off to a rocky start.

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