Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fit Mama; Week 8

Monday little dude and I were going to go on a walk, but it started raining the second I stepped out of the garage. I did Core Synergistics. The little guy has become a great workout buddy. He mostly just hangs out in his crib and we talk and he kicks things. This particular day, he started to get frustrated that he couldn't see me the whole time, so I moved him to the floor so he had a better view. He was perfectly happy after that.  
Tuesday I decided to do plyometrics. I guess I've given up on the P90X schedule. I'm just doing the workouts I'm not sick of and still feel like I'm getting a good workout.

Wednesday I pulled out my Tracey Mallet DVD for some Functional Interval Training. It's a 90 minute DVD, but my dude woke up from his mini nap at the 60 minute mark, and I was beat anyway, so I called it and took a shower. I also went on a quick 3 mile walk earlier in the day. I was a little rushed because we were meeting my mom and grandparents for lunch and shopping - lots of big events coming up my little dude needs outfits for.

Thursday I opted for Cardio X. I was so excited to have a shorter workout, but then the computer decided it needed to run updates 10 minutes in, so my workout was rudely interrupted. While I took my unwanted break, dude did a little core work aka tummy time.

Friday my only workout was baby & me yoga, but we did our usual squats and lunges and planks and such.

Saturday I complained that I was bored with my workout DVDs, so hubs put together a workout plan for me. He bought me all kinds of fun workout equipment for Christmas, so part of the plan was to get me to use it! I did squats on a balance board and more squats and pushups wearing an extra 20 lb weight vest. It was nice to do something different. :)

Sunday afternoon I ran out to one of my favorite yoga classes - pre/postnatal. Some of my fellow new mom friends joined me. Its so nice to see them and workout where most of us met.

That was my week. I'm really hoping to get some more interesting posts going soon, but for now it seems like this is it.

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