Thursday, August 27, 2015

Yoga Baby; 8 Months

My little bug is 8 months old! Time is, oddly, slowing down. It's still going far too quickly, but I feel like I've had more time to appreciate this stage lately, short lived as it may be.

Loves: His new favorite song is this Muppets song. You know it. I promise. T and I duet so I do the "doodoooooodoodoodoo" and he does the "Mahna mahna". It's pretty great.
He loves when I do pushups and squats. He laughs so hard. Squats are the best because he gets to do them with me. He's also a fan of overhead baby press.
He loves toys that talk and sing and light up. I can leave him in baby jail with a little electronic book and go down to start a load of laundry and he's the cats pajamas. Yeah, I just said that.

Dislikes: Being left alone and taking naps, which involve being left alone. That's pretty much it. He's such a happy guy, just hang out with him and he'll tell you all the things and laugh at all your jokes.

Sleeping? It's been a little rough lately, but I think we were spoiled. Since he's been pretty consistently teething, he rung in his 8 month birthday with several wakeups that night.
He's getting really good at putting himself to sleep though. He doesn't really need the pacifier much anymore, but I'll give it to him if he's having a really hard time or is especially upset in the middle of the night. He doesn't nurse in the middle of the night anymore. The earliest I'll nurse him is 5am and thats only if I've been up with him since 4, trying to get him to go back to sleep. That's happened, though thankfully not many times.

Accomplishments:  CRAWLING! That's the biggest. He can also pull to stand from almost any position. He can't get from laying down to sitting on his own, but he can bypass sitting and go straight from laying down to standing. Oy. All the cribs and pack n plays have been lowered all the way to accommodate our little climber.

Eating habits: We officially dropped one daily nurse. He nurses 4-5 times a day. The days he only nurses 4 times, it freaks me out. I try and keep him at 5 mostly because I worry he's not getting enough nutrients.
He eats solids 3 times a day now. I'll add milk where I can. Got to keep my little dude chunky.

Favorite Foods: Still pretty much loves most things. He DID NOT like pluots mixed with cottage cheese. That was, apparently, disgusting.

Yesterday he weighed in at 19 lbs 2 oz. Still perfectly average, but dropping slightly in the percentiles. We have his next appointment coming up in September so I'll have more official stats including height next month.

Teeth: As of his 8 month birthday, still toothless, but that didn't last long.

Still the same rise setting on the GroVias. I switched back to velcro on his night diapers for the time being. Snaps are too absolute and if he doesn't fit perfectly at a snap setting we have leaks galore. 
Still a size 3 sposie baby.

Sorry the next time you hear from me probly won't be til he's 9 months. :/

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