Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pretty House Things

A while back I saw these lovely glasses on my way out of Anthropologie. I said to myself, "Ooooh, what pretty glasses." and proceeded to walk out the door and to my car. Then I had an apostrophe (Think Hook).  I could ask for them as wedding presents! - at 14 bucks a pop, I was not about to restock my glasses with these lovelies out of my own pocket.

And then... DUN DUN DUNNNNN ... they went on sale. 

I immediately planned to run to Anthro straight from work and buy some...but all week I just didn't have time. Actually, I take that back. I moved one of my evening workouts to the morning so that I could hang out with my mom and big sis in the evening, but that got pushed back about an hour, so I had time then, but I chose to sit on my butt and watch the "check-up" episode of Teen Mom 2. Fail. 
I checked back online and *gasp* the pink ones and blue ones were OUT OF STOCK! I was crushed. So, right then I ordered 3 of each of the yellow and orange ones. 
And the over the weekend, I forced Tim to go into Anthro with me...and they had tons of all of the colors. Womp womp. 
So, I picked up one pink and one blue just so I'd have all the colors, but now I feel silly because I have so many yellow and orange ones. 

I also got some really cute butterfly knobs to use for my curtain tie-backs. 

Yes, this blog post was a tad frivolous and silly, but look at the pretty glasses. 

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