Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wake Up

On a typical morning, I let myself sleep as long as possible. To get to work at 9, I can get up as late as 8 with some fancy footwork and a little rushing around, and still make it. I grab some toast, pour some coffee in a travel mug, and take my breakfast on the road.

And that's fine. It works. 

But you know what's better? Getting up a half hour earlier. 

If I am out of bed around 7:30 instead, I can relax. The house is quiet (except for the dog, who cries by the door if she really has to go out). That extra half hour takes my mornings from rushed to down right leisurely.

You are thinking that is silly. I am dedicating an entire post to waking up a little earlier so I can have a leisurely morning.

Too bad for you if you think that.

The other morning I had a thought. I've thought it before, so I don't know if I can call it an epiphany. As I sat at the kitchen table with my coffee and toast (or eggs or pie or apple bread) - instead of in the car - I thought, "This is really nice. I should make this a thing."

And so I am.

I'm still not very far into The Happiness Project - page 25 now, I think - but she's just finished talking about energy, and how if you are feeling more energetic you are happier. I think those 5 to 10 minutes of peace at the kitchen table while I sip my coffee and talk to the pup help me greet the day with a more positive outlook. I'm more likely to pull over on my drive to work and take a minute to look at something beautiful.

I did that today. I stopped my car to get out and look at the ocean and the mountains.

There is so rarely a moment when my life is not buzzing -from the TV to the phone, air conditioning unit, clients, dogs, garbage trucks, whatever. None of those things are happening during those few minutes.

So, I finish my coffee and apple bread. The paper towel and travel mug do not end up in my car only to be removed at an undetermined time.

And I walk out the front door refreshed.

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