Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tornado Yesterday

I used to buy paint and canvases here. (Photo taken by Jill Guin)
I'm not gonna lie, for the last 20 or so hours I have barely been able to pry myself away from the computer. There is always another video to watch, another set of pictures to go through, another account of the destruction and devastation which has taken over Tuscaloosa - the city I called home from 2006-2008.

This is a video of 15th Street & McFarland - possibly the biggest intersection in Tuscaloosa. Across the street from that Subway is where Tim used to live. Those piles of bricks used to be apartments. 

I have been so relieved to hear that so far everyone I know is OK. A lot of students' homes have been destroyed or they can't get passed the rubble to get to their belongings. 

I feel so helpless so far away, but I am volunteering in spirit. 

I remember when they issued tornado warnings while I was living there and people practically laughed. They were more "cool storms" than anything. We never felt like we were really in danger. 

Sorry this whole thing is kind of fragmented. It's reflective of my thought process at the moment. 

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