Friday, January 10, 2014

Seven Days of Yoga; Week 1

Here we are again! One week into 2014 and starting from scratch. I've decided to start posting these recaps on Fridays now instead of Sundays. (Did you notice?) Since the first week of 2014 began on a Wednesday, it only felt appropriate to end the week with my workout/yoga recaps. They'll be Wednesday to Tuesday instead of Sunday to Saturday. NBD. Who needs to be tied down to the beginnings and endings of weeks per the calendar anyway? ;P

Wednesday I woke up on the early side and did my 108 sun salutations... I told you about it already, but, ya know, I'm telling you again.

Thursday I taught in the morning and then I taught in the evening. I was wiped out after I finished teaching that night, so I plopped myself on the couch and that was that.

Friday I had this great plan. We were kicked out of our building so it could be tented at noon, so I was going to go home, work out, and then shower in plenty of time to meet and have dinner with my friend Erin. HOWEVAAAAH, when I got home I sat on the couch and couldn't get up again. I almost didn't want to go meet Erin. I could have taken a nap and been perfectly content.

Saturday we made it to the gym in the afternoon, but were both still feeling majorly tired. My theory is that we ate too much sugar over the holidays and our bodies are trying to detox. Sugar gives you energy in the moment, but makes you lag in the long run (food for thought). ANYWAY, I managed a measly 2 mile treadmill run on Saturday afternoon and then I came home and did a round of "set/sprint/plank/plyo/jump" from P90X2. It's so much easier when you didn't just do the entire plyocide workout beforehand. Haha.

Sunday hubby and I took power boxing together. It was brutal... like, whoa. I think I almost passed out at one point - needed to lean on my bag, but we both felt so great after class.

Monday morning the building was still not ready for us to go back to work, so I went to Cardio Barre in the morning and took class from my friend Chelsea. It's amazing how many "fitness friends" you make when fitness plays a bigger role in your life. Class was great. I struggled some, but not a ton. Had to take a break during abs because straight legged bicycles are no bueno. I think/hope I'm starting to get my energy back.

Tuesday night I taught power yoga and then I tried to get myself motivated to work out after, but I had some technical difficulties during class, which left me in a major funk. So, I just tried to eat a healthy dinner and went to bed early.

How was your first week of 2014?

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