Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Need New Shoes

Lately I've been on a bit of a mission to revamp my shoe supply. My collection is looking a bit ratty, so I decided to dedicate some of my monthly monies to restocking the bottom right side of the closet.

I decided that I need pretty much every kind of shoe you can think of:
Tennies/Everyday shoes
Backless tennies I can slide on to take the dog out while wearing socks (ie, not flip flops)
Flip flops
Highish Flat black boots
Semi clunky pumps
Bright and amazing pumps
Sandal-like flats

If I got every single one of these shoes, I would probably not have any money left for food, but I have already made some progress and purchased the following:

Best picture I could find. Red Slip On Chucks. 

I absolutely could not find a picture of these shoes on the internet. Maybe if I'd brought
the name of the shoe from home or something, but I didn't, so luckily, I happened to
have this picture on my phone. They're amazing. And shockingly comfortable. 

Simple black Roxy flip flops with suede-ish straps. 

Here are some more shoes I want, but am either waiting so I don't spend a ton of money right away or they don't have my size. *sad face*

Semi-clunky pumps

Sandal-y flats

High flat black boots. I actually already have these in brown, but I love them
so much I want them in black too

That's all for now. Peace out!

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