Thursday, March 8, 2012

2012 Clean Out; The Fridge

Item #3 on the 2012 Clean Out list is THE FRIDGE!
Tonight, I was on a kitchen cleaning rampage and decided to power through cleaning out the refrigerator. It was icky, so it was about dang time.


No system. Stuff everywhere. 
Tall items in the front hiding shorter items in the back. 

The hot sauce is with the beer is with the yogurt. 

More of a system on the door; "Things in bottles"
Emptied, and with its contents strewn about the kitchen
The big complication is that our fridge door doesn't open all the way. The fridge is great, but its right up against a wall, so the door only opens to a 90 degree angle, which makes it difficult to pull out drawers and such. I had to pull the fridge out into the middle of the kitchen to get the drawers and glass panels out.

I got everything out, wiped down all the shelves - even scrubbed where necessary - and put everything back in in an orderly manner.


Everything organized. Neat and pretty. 

Bread and eggs have their own shelf

It looks so empty...

Until you realize that's because I put everything on the door.

Our fridge didn't actually need a complete overhaul or anything, but it feels good to have one less thing on my list. Hooray for having a cleaned out fridge! The last time it was clean was when we got it, 6 months ago.

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