Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kitchen Adventures; Chocolate Cake Donuts

From the moment Shutterbean (should I call her Tracy? Is that okay if I read her blog but we're not BFFs) posted this recipe, I knew I had to make it. I saw her post and, for the next week, was craving chocolate donuts. 

I just needed a donut pan. So, I dragged my husband out to BBB to get one last week. My plan was to make them Friday night and then gorge myself Saturday morning when I got home from my 10K - this totally happened, btw. :)

First there was batter mixing. I didn't have dark chocolate cocoa - just the regular kind - but it worked perfectly. 

Then I scraped all the batter into a very large ziplock bag. This was actually tough. I wish I'd had an assistant to hold the bag open while I scraped. Oh well, next time...

Then I cut a hole in the corner of the bag to pipe them into my cooking-sprayed donut pan. The hole I cut was a leeeeetle too big, so I ended up with slightly over full donut "cavities" (That's what they're called?)

So when I baked them, they turned out like this...

They look kinda like chocolate bagels/cupcakes. Its very confusing... until you flip them over... then they make more sense. 

And, since most of them don't actually have hole in the middle, you get a nice little pool of glaze that collects in there after you dip them.

While its still sticky, I dipped them in some toasted coconut shavings - which I bought at the store in a bag and then put in the oven to toast for a while. I should pay attention to how long I do these things for. Oops. 

And then eat... or save them for tomorrow when you know you're running your first 10K and will have earned the calories. :)

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