Monday, September 24, 2012

Recap Summer 2012!

I didn't realize how much I've done/accomplished this summer until I started looking through pictures. It's actually pretty amazing.

According to the interwebs, the first day of summer was June 20th, but if my summer started there, then I went on a Spring Vacation to Northern Italy? No.

My summer was June through September. Let's get this going, yo...

We went on an amazing vacation to Northern Italy.
Tim and I nabbed the room with the private patio.

We went wine tasting in Verona.

There was a lot of amazing food and drink involved.

We found America; the sunglasses in Genoa

And went to Switzerland, where there were flags, cheese, chocolate, and army knives.

My sisters and I found the moving statues

Back home, I made amazing tiramisu that I'm dying to make again.

Pizza, beer, and baseball happened on several occasions.

At the end of June, we went to San Jose to celebrate Tim's hetero life partner's 30th birthday.

We drank a lot of wine.

And found out that their 3rd baby is a GIRL!

When we got back, I was honored to make the cutting cake for a wedding

We celebrated the demolition of our kitchen...

With s'mores!

Kitchen renovations made it look like we were moving the kitchen to the patio

Just in time for my birthday, my parents found this note - written by my dad on the day I was born.

I may or may not have become obsessed with my new drawer organizers. Expandable. Bamboo. Whats not to love?

We managed to mostly finish the kitchen in time for my birthday

I bought myself a new orange dress and sparkly shoes

We ate cupcakes and watched Princess Bride at Eat, See, Hear

We bought passion fruit syrup, club soda, and half & half... and I lived off of homemade Italian cream soda for a while.

I was inspired by this recipe for caprese grilled cheese, so we turned it into a cheeseburger.

I spent lunches at my parents' beach house

Cashed in my Mark. rewards points for a 16-bottle wine fridge. It was on backorder, but I am sooooo excited to get it!

I bought Tim a ravioli mold for his birthday , so we kinda had to make ravioli that day.

Spinach, ricotta, pancetta. You're jealous.

We had a lovely belated birthday dinner at the Malibu Cafe

Hubs was out of town for a while. I cooked a lot - starting with five cheese mac.

Followed by Coconut Mango Froyo.

...and a chocolate peanut butter cake to welcome him home.

I was able to spend some time lounging by the pool.

My mom taught an amazing sunset yoga class.

I simultaneously made caramel and practiced yoga.

Made my first batch of sourdough bread ever.

Tim, his mom, and I made vanilla bean ice cream, basil salted caramel, and grilled peaches. Team effort.

My grandma turned 80. We all went out to dinner.

I made these amazing donuts. Per Timmy, we need to fry some next time.

I ran a 10K and felt pretty amazing. Tim and Panda came to support me. It look kind of a long time to get out of the parking lot.

I made a thousand of these tarts. ...ok, not a thousand. 2 big tarts, 2 tiny tarts. One for labor day.

I officially signed up for Yoga Teacher Training, which starts in October - get ready for that.

I made a peach & blueberry pie at midnight.

It was too late to eat pie when I took it out of the oven, so I had pie for breakfast the next few days.

Dirty Harry came to stay with us for a few days. Panda had a few minor panic attacks. Sharing attention does not come easily to her.

I made this bundt cake

We watched Los Tres Friends (Three Amigos, get it?!?!) at Eat, See, Hear in Northridge.

That sammich has a thick slice of tomato on it... and I DID NOT take it off my half! Steel City Sandwich Truck is amazing, btw. Get the Jenny Craig fries.

We celebrated our 1st anniversary!

I think that pretty much sums it up - except for the mystical September sickness that followed our anniversary. Major bummage there, but we'll hopefully be able to take a mini-vacay soon to make up for sickness.

I guess it's Fall now. I'm gonna go home and make something apple and spice. :)

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