Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kitchen Adventures; Mixed Berry Buttermilk Bundt Cake

Last week my very good friend, Kim, blogged about making this cake.

I knew right then that I had to make it too...and take lots of pictures while I was at it - because sometimes that's the fun part.

First get all ingredients out - butter first so it is nice and soft.

Cut softened butter into chunks.

Using a mixer of some kind (I felt like using a handmixer this day), cream butter & sugar

Add one egg at a time... 1...



Zest lemon straight into bowl.

Add: Flour, buttermilk, flour, buttermilk, flour... GO! (don't forget the vanilla and baking powder. This is when they go in)

Two Tbsp of flour into berries, toss to coat.

Gently fold berries into batter

Locate greased bundt pan (which was bought at Target yesterday)

Scoop batter into bundt pan and flatten out a little.

Set timer for 60 minutes.

Bake... at tree fitty.

Let it cool on wire rack for a little while (at least an hour) before turning pan over. Cake *should* pop right out.

Stare at it longingly, but let it cool a while longer.

Mix powdered sugar with lemon juice and a little very soft butter for glaze. Mine was a little too thin. Next time less juice.

When you've waited long enough, pour glaze all over cake, and try not to get it all over your counter.

Then you can let it hang out for a while longer so the glaze sets, OR you can dig in.

Actual recipe can be found at Smitten Kitchen. It calls for salt, but I don't believe in putting salt in a cake. I don't care what culinary artists say. I don't want my cake to taste like salt. Pbbbttththhhh.

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