Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Everyday Essentials + GIVEAWAY!

Try as I might, I am not a fashionista by any means. I have trouble justifying wearing nice outfits because A) so few people will be able to see or appreciate them or B) I'm afraid the people that do see me will think I'm dressed up for something special. This is something I need to work on.

I do, however, have a handful of beauty essentials that I need to get me through the everyday. 

1. Sephora Microsmooth Face Foundation - This is a relatively recent discovery for me. I ran out of foundation while on vacation earlier this summer and found this gem at the train station - of all places. Amazing. It's just sheer enough that I don't feel like I'm piling cake onto my face, but provides a good amount of coverage and keeps me from getting too shiny.

2. Aveeno Positively Radiant SPF 15 Daily Moisturizer - Everyone knows us fair skinned folks need to wear sunscreen every day. I've been using this stuff for years. I tried other brands for a while, but they either made me break out or the SPF stung my eyes. So, I keep coming back to this stuff. Gentle sun protection. No breakouts. I get it at Target. I heart it.

3. Mark. Lash All You Want High-Volume Mascara - Mark. came out with another mascara after they released this one that's supposed to be better, but I don't like it as much. They are not kidding about this stuff being high volume. The catch is that the wand takes some getting used to. It's a little...prickly. I think that's the best way to describe it. Regardless, its still my favorite mascara ever. It lasts a long time without drying out and it is truly an excellent volumizing mascara.

4. Redken Fresh Curls Curl Refiner - I don't know if you noticed - see photo top right - but I got a whole mess of curly hair. It's shorter now, but I still need some help to keep the curls "curls" and not "kinda gross frizzy mess". I cannot live without this stuff. I've tried and I keep on coming back. It's kind of a thick hair cream, which I know some people don't like, but I like my hair to be weighed down a little. Gives me the illusion of control. And it smells awesome.

5. Shiseido Eyebrow and Eyeliner Compact - Another specific to my needs - since I caught the ginger bug, I have blonde eyebrows. I'd rather have eyebrows that can be seen, so I color them in. I don't like using pencils because there's not much room for error, but with this powder - as long as I follow the general shape of my actual eyebrows - it looks pretty natural, and not like I've been drawing on my face.

6. Mark. No Place To Run Longwear Eyeliner - This eyeliner is weird because its sharpenable plastic, but it goes on smooth and stays on all day. Pretty simple.

7. Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm - I'm not big on lip color, or glosses for that matter. I feel like it never stays on and I'm always worried I'm putting it on all over my face. The best word to describe this lip balm is "refreshing". It's minty and cool, and I can put it on without looking in a mirror. It also makes my lips happy, which is a definite plus.

8. Philosophy Clear Days Ahead Oil-Free Cleanser - This is new - like, brand new - to my daily regimen.I have super sensitive, super temperamental skin, but Philosophy knows whats up. Since I can't afford to keep their whole line of products in my bathroom, I stick to the basics. This stuff keeps my skin clear and happy. End of story.

I've decided to put together a little goody bag of some of my favorite mark. products - some of my everyday essentials and some things I just really like. :)
This little mark. goodie bag will include; lash all you want mascara, no place to run eyeliner, juice gem lip gloss, set of mini nail lacquers, touch & glow shimmer powder, Meredith Kahn tower earrings, plus a cosmetic bag to carry it all.

Leave a comment for one entry (make sure I have a way to contact you!) and share on facebook and twitter for additional entries. Just let me know in the comments that you shared (and make sure to tag me Baking Yogi on facebook and @calyssajean on Twitter) All entries must be submitted by 11:59 PST on Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Thursday. You have a week! Get commenting and sharing!

Disclosure: I am a mark. rep. I received some of these products for free or at a steep discount, and I get a percentage of any sales made through my eboutique. I am not being compensated for sharing my opinions with you.  

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  1. Excellent post, Alyssa! I am always interested in smart girls' essentials. They can take years to find, but you'd never wanna be without them again. I'm addicted to F.A.B. ultra repair cream (heals anything, safe for sensitive skin and even eczema) and their cleanser.
    Your face/make up always looks great from what I can see! Great blog <3