Monday, February 15, 2016

Yoga Baby; 14 Months

So... remember when I used to be really good about posting these updates every month?

My kiddo is 14 months old now! I can barely handle it. He's so much fun. Such a joyful, rambunctious little boy. I kinda can't handle that he's a full on toddler now. Whoa.

Loves: Climbing. Dancing - put music on and he stands there and wiggles and bounces. It's so darn cute. Hugs from Mama, Daddy, Grandmama, Babu, and Auntie Camille. My sister Camille may be his favorite person on the planet. Loves chewing on everything. Has been known to eat rocks and rubber bands.

Dislikes: Sleep. He just fights it and fights it. We had a really hard time figuring out how to get him to nap, but he goes to bed at nighttime like a champ. I just give him a kiss and set him down and walk out of the room. Before a few weeks ago, I wasn't able to do that.

Sleeping? He's mostly a 2 nap baby. Sometimes naps are in the car. Sometimes we cave and let him sleep on us, but if we're home, he's usually in the crib. He was sick for the better part of January - on and off with different colds and coughs - so he woke a bunch and his naps were mostly short (30 minutes, maybe).
Every night he goes to bed between 7 and 730, and as long as he's not sick or teething (or both) he'll sleep through until around 630.

Accomplishments:  He took his first steps a few days after he turned one. For about a month, he was strictly a 5 steps and then fling himself forward baby, but right after he turned 13 months, he just started walking. Now he only crawls if he's tired. Last week he figured out how to stand up without using his hands, and his newest trick is walking backwards. He's so proud of himself.
Oh! And he eats with a fork! (Not well, granted, but he loves it and he is so pleased with himself)

Eating habits: We weaned right after his birthday. We were down to nursing once a day and had just started giving him whole milk when a stomach bug went through our house and killed my supply. I probably could have gotten it back up, but I was mentally/emotionally/physically done, so we stopped. He had a hard time. We went through a period of intense separation anxiety. He would cry every single time I walked away. He's grown out of that, but it was a tough time for sure. He eats two big meals a day - breakfast and dinner. For lunch he has a 7 oz pouch that I make at home, and throughout the day, he snacks on fruits, veggies, cheeses, cereal - basically anything he can hold himself and doesn't make an mess.

Favorite Foods: Berries - Blue, Black, and Razz especially. We recently gave him tangerines and he now LOVES them, along with ravioli and fish sticks, which have become semi regular dinner items since I can guarantee he'll eat them. He loved tomatoes for a while, but back in December he got a stomach flu and they were the first thing to come out the wrong way. For a while after that, he would only eat one or two bites before ignoring them, and we haven't tried again in over a month. I figure we'll try again when I'm ready to eat tacos again (which were my last meal pre-stomach flu)

NEW CATEGORY Words: He says Mama and Daddy clear as day. The rest of his words require a little deciphering, but he is definitely trying. he says balloon, doggie, all done, up, Babu, uh oh, and no.

According to our bathroom scale, he's right around 23.5 lbs. As of his 12 month checkup, he's about 31 inches tall - continuing to be perfectly average and slightly on the tall side.

Teeth: 7 teeth - 4 on top and 3 on bottom. He got the bottom 2 shortly after he turned 8 months, and then 3 of the top came in around 10 months. The upper left lateral incisor didn't come in until December 1st though, and we had a pretty nice break after that. It wasn't until the end of January that the 3rd tooth on the bottom showed up - now we're waiting for the other side and hoping it helps him sleep better. (Edit: He got his 8th tooth on Valentine's Day)

Still the same rise setting on the GroVias, and still in size 3 disposables.
I am loving using snaps for his cloth diapers now. I can just make sure I've got the snaps snapped right and then shimmy him into it properly after its on. He's so wiggly, just getting it on can be a challenge.

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