Saturday, October 5, 2013

Aloha; A Little Maui Recap

Welcome back to me! Haha, you probably know I spent most of last week on a Hawaiian vacation with my family. As beautiful and inspiring as it was, it was bittersweet leaving my honey at home. I spent a good amount of time wishing he was there with me.

I did still manage to have a good time though, and I've put together a little photo journal for you.
My parents, sister, and bro-in-law arrived on Thursday afternoon and dropped by Da Kitchen for some fried food. This is where learning that cleaning my plate is not essential was key. This place is fantastic. We lucked out because they were closing up the next day for a 2-3 week remodel. Woot!

I got the Korean Pork.

Then we headed over to the hotel - about a 30 minute drive - where I shared this lovely room with my little sister.

 This was our view.

A short walk took us to our own little beach, where we spent the rest of the late afternoon in Maui.

 Kinda neat shot of my dad waving from his room.

On Friday, my mom and I started teaching yoga out by the ocean. We did this 3 out of our 5 mornings there. 

Later we headed up to Paia to explore a little before picking my little sis up at the airport. They have some really cute shops up there. 
I am going to copy this trinket dish.

I was a little obsessed with some of the antique kitchen supplies they had there, like these biscuit cutters. I almost bought them, but decided against it. They're just so cute. 

We stopped at Ono Gelato and I got the Lilikoi Quark, which is passion fruit and goat milk. Whaaat? They basically just combined some of my favorite things ever and put them in a gelato. 

We had some time to kill, so we stopped for beer and snacks. I got the coconut porter. It was not my favorite.
But my bro-in-law did take this cute picture of my mom, sister and me.

We walked up to Ho'okipa Beach Park to take in all the amazing natural beauty.

Once my little sis was back at the hotel with us, we played around on the beach for a while. Took some neat running and jumping pictures.

The next morning, we were up bright and early to explore some fancy volcanic rock and see if we could see the dancing dolphins. No luck on the dolphins, but it was still beautiful there. 

After breakfast, we drove up to Big Beach, where the sun was shining and the surf was a little dangerous. I read my book and stayed out of the water - mostly because I was tired - but it was lovely. 

That night we had dinner together at Monkeypod. We had such a great time, but I missed my honey a lot this day. We had an empty spot at the table for him. 

The next day my sisters, bro-in-law, and I headed up past Lahaina to the Nakalele blow hole. We parked a half a mile away, knowing we'd have to do a bit of adventuring to find it. We saw signs all over the place, but nothing pointing us in the right direction, so we were kind of wandering aimlessly for a little while. 

This sign was no where near the blow hole.

Had a chance to take some cool yoga photos. I call this one Eagle in the Wind - because the wind kept knocking me over. I do have some pictures of myself upright, but they're not as fun, so you get the blown over one. ;)

We found it! We started to look for other people and see where they were going.

There are some shots of me smiling at the camera in front of the blowhole, but I like this one. 

Fast camera working it's magic. No asking strangers necessary. 

We didn't see this sign until later. It's the only one with arrows.

In Lahaina, we played at the Bantam tree.

and then drove (because my momma has an injured foot) a mile up to the luau for the night.

Bro-in-law took this one of my sis and me in the sunset. Fully aware you can't see our faces.

We watched them dig up the pig.

Enjoyed the dancing. It was a great show.

And the food was yummy.

The next morning I took this picture of my breakfast. Eggs Florentine, Blueberry cream cheese stuffed french toast, and fruit. I was the first back from the buffet.

I got everyone excited about learning to stand up paddle board. We rented it for an hour for me, and ended up having it for 3 hours so that everyone got a turn. It was so cool. This picture is of my little sister, but I have shots of each of us.

Our last night in Maui, we went out to Sansei for sushi. I was trying to cut down my calories by ordering sashimi... but I still partook in the veggie tempura and ordered a beer. I actually really liked the beer and am looking into seeing if they sell it 'round these parts. 

On our last morning there, I did yoga by myself. I got some really cool photos just by setting up my fast camera and letting it go. So so happy I finally figured out that I could change the photo settings and get higher resolution photos. The world is a different place now. ;)

Bridge pose.

Just like the picture of me at the blowhole, I have better, neater yoga shots, but I just like this one. It's real.

Frog pose.

and then we all had one last breakfast together, packed up, and flew home.

It was a great trip. Would have been better with my hubs, but he has to come next time. :)

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