Monday, April 8, 2013


Friday was a big day in the life of us because these things happened:

  • I hung out with my grandparents and talked about arc welding with my grandpa. He has fancier tools than I used in college. I should add that to the random facts about me. I know how to weld. 
  • I coordinated getting our house cleaned once a month. (Heck yes!)
  • Our taxes were filed. Done. 
  • Bought myself a new pair of shoes. These, if you must know. 
  • I talked to a landscaper about getting the giant scary tree on our property trimmed. We've only been talking about doing that for about two years...
  • It was T's last day at his job of 3 and a half years. He'll now be doing almost the same thing, but at a bigger company with more opportunity for growth. We are both SO EXCITED, and I am SO PROUD of my hubby. For those of you following along, we celebrated him putting in his notice with dark chocolate sweet potato bread pudding
The weekend continued on an uber productive trajectory, including buying a few new plants and doing a mini reorg on the patio. :)

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